Thursday, April 1, 2010

early morning visitor

At 830am this morning, i heard someone rapping quickly and continuously at my door. I thought, who could it be? Because, 830 am is really early in the morning for me. I went downstairs to find this angel of a girl at my door. Little Lennon, who I'll have you know turns 5 on April 6th. I know because she has told me many many times. smile. She stood at the door in her little jamie dress, with her hair all awry. She was sent up by her mommy to see if a book was left at my house. I couldn't find it. Natalie then got out of the car and the two of us, both in our robes searched my house and the cars. I am sure we were a funny sight. A familiar one if you really know me. smile. WE never found it, but Lennon wanted to stay with me. I love it when they want to stay and hang with me (even when my kids aren't home). Yesterday, I convinced Crue to stay. They just chat up a storm, and i love every minute of it. Anyway, I cozied Lennon up on a chair and we watched a movie on the disney channel while feeding ammon. My favorite comment that she made when a man was speaking with a southern accent. She said, "I just don't understand when people speak spanish." i love her.
I love Ammon's hand up on her face. so so precious.
Don't you just want to squeeze ammon's little sausage body parts? He snuggles right into you and lets you get your fill.
I love how his socks are slipping off too.
So, thanks Lennon. What a sweet surprise that you came to my door. Come back any time. And I can't wait for April 6th!!!
Now I am off to spend time with another sweet girl. Rachel and I have been waiting all week to watch a certain movie. I'll let you know if it is good.


Natalie said...

oh how sweet. I am glad that you weren't annoyed when she knocked on your door and walked right in and got cozy on your big chair. there's something about your house that says 'come in, stay awhile. and wear comfy pants' my dream house:). you should see her today...she has some surprises in store (don't laugh when you see her, she feels like a beauty queen and this level of gorgeousness is quite serious to her:))

Kendra said...

I cried when I read this post. I miss you all so much! I miss little Lennon and her astounding insights. I did not get to hold Ammon long enough AT ALL. I feel like you were here for about 2 seconds, eventful though they were ;)

Please give Lennon and Natalie an extra squeeze from me.

Love you!