Wednesday, April 21, 2010

rockin' the muu muu

My sisters Kelly and Nicole decided to bring the muu muu back. So they sent Gloria and I each a muu muu for our birthday last year courtesy of the thrift store. Can I tell you how happy it makes me? Am I not the picture of motherly comfort? My mom wore these growing up, so I am sure that is a part of our reason for loving them.
I wore my muu muu and made bread, and felt happy inside. Give it a try.
P.S. There is some danger to wearing the muu muu. You can eat all you want and not feel uncomfortable in your clothes.
P.P.S. Your husband won't love the muu muu as well as you. I suggest slipping into something a little more form fitting before he gets home. smile. I mean, you can't really appreciate my rock solid Jillian Michael abs wearing a "house dress." And yes, Jillian makes me cry every day with her "no more trouble zones" workout dvd. But the results will blow your mind. My body shape is completely changing even though I am not losing tons of weight because I cheat every day on my diet. Although, I am in general eating way more healthy. If I just ate less, I would drop it fast I know. I'll work on that.


kelly said...

love it.

Jessi said...

I want one!

Amie said...

lol! I feel that way about my hubby's jeans. So comfy and I don't have to suck-it-in to wear them...and eat all I want!

Kami said...

Love the idea. I bet it is nice and cool to wear around the house..especially if you are cooking. I have been so hot these last few days but I am trying not to turn the A/C on too low. I would rather not a huge electric bill. I bet it would keep a breeze going through it! haha

GRodenberg said...

I wore a mumuu everyday of my mission, while in the house. only thing that would keep me cool enough in the heat/humidity. husbands DEFINITELY don't like the coziness though! Remember Mom's dark brown long dress muumuu that she wore out? SO cute