Thursday, February 22, 2007

Baby Penelope feb. 2007

Little Penny is only 1 month old. She is like a little baby bird. It is so hard for me not to put on every single picture, she is just so scrumptious.

oh so precious little foot.

Penny is as pretty as her mama.

Friday, February 16, 2007

The Kidd family shoot jan. 2007

Had fun trying new locations and ideas. I couldn't have had better subjects.

I love this picture!
Crayton is jumping over his sister as she rolls down the hill!

This picture looks so magical to me!

The Black family nov. 2006

Look at these girls eyes!
these were taken in my yard. They are my girls' friends that they love to play with!

the Martineau family shoot dec. 2006

Another photo shoot close to home. Tanner was so excited to be able to get pictures of himself on his motorcycle. I loved the one of them going home and the dog chasing them. So fun to see all of their fun personalities. Mom and Dad are such a cute couple too! I wish I could put on all the pictures from every shoot. I really love them all!

Little miss Ashley is quite the beauty at only 12!!!! Watch out mom and Dad!

I wanted to be able to show how one picture can be made to look so different through editing. I love them all. Just depends on your preference. Maegen is beautiful in all three. smile

The Leonard family december 2006

I heart this family. They are not only our neighbors but good friends too. These are some of my favorites from their photo shoot. It was fun to do it at the park right next to their house where I could catch the kids at play on their own turf. I had to show the picture of baby Gracie in both color and black and white. Isn't she so precious. They really all are the sweetest kids. Thanks guys for having so much fun with me!