Thursday, May 31, 2012

the celestial me?

I think if i could look like anyone, i wouldn't mind looking like this girl.  It would be a problem though because I think I would just look at myself in the mirror all day long. ha ha.  I know the scriptures say that when we are resurrected that not a hair of our head will be missing.  I wonder if I could add that it will be well styled like this as well. I mean do we get an upgrade in this perfect body we will have?  Does my perfect self possibly resemble this girl. ha ha.

I joke. I mean I love beautiful things.  Who doesn't.  But I am not really that concerned if I don't look like this.  I am content to just enjoy her beauty.  Because seriously, the most beautiful thing to me is a woman who is filled with that glow that comes naturally when you are aligning your life with God's will.  When you are developing charity, the pure love of Christ.  You know, the kind of woman that you just love to be in their presence because they make you feel so good about yourself and about life.  One who has the spirit and you feel so at peace and comfortable with and can trust completely.  Now that is priceless, and enduring beauty.  It is the beauty I am striving towards attaining.

I  think sometimes we get distracted by the world's definition of beauty and can get caught up in spending all of our time and money trying to attain it (and get attention that way) that we forget to work on true and lasting beauty.  It takes way more work and has nothing to do with our shape, size, skin etc.  Not that I think we shouldn't try to look our very best.  I am a big believer in that.  It is important to take care of yourself, and be attractive for yourself and your spouse.  It's keeping that balance and perspective that can be tricky.  Like everything in life, right?

So while I'm super content, even ecstatic to be 41 year old me..... is it wrong to hope for a little somethin somethin in the next life?  I mean, dang, look at those lips. smile.