Tuesday, March 27, 2012

teenagers need love.

(Jacob and Ammon cozying watching star wars)
When kids grow up they still need a lot of touch and affection. But
snuggling like this with your mom and dad just isn't.....well, it's weird.
So what is a kid to do? Often they find a boyfriend or girlfriend to love on.
Want a better solution?
Simply have a baby. (yah, real simple. ha)
It solves many a teenage problem.
But seriously, a baby softens a teenager when they are often a bit prickly.
They have someone who gives them unconditional love, and to whom
they can freely love and cuddle and still be cool.
They start to see the strength and joy of parental love, and
learn great parenting skills.
It makes them less self centered.
It is a win win situation.

Plus, Jacob finally has someone to pass all of his skills on to.
He talked about that all the time when he was young. That he didn't have a
brother to pass on important skills like sword fighting and basketball drills.
You know, important stuff like that.
He is busy teaching him to be a boy.... i mean man. You should see ammon
sitting next to him doing the same thing, walking and acting just like him.
Jacob has big plans for ammon. Says he will have him lifting weights at 12. ha ha.
Plus, it brings my heart the greatest joy.
Rachel is busy passing on her own skills, and learning to nurture.
Ammon is her boyfriend. He gives her endless kisses without getting in trouble. ha.
He sits right next to her while she does everything.
This can be bad at times, because Rachel can be naughty.
But like this morning, she realized that she needed to set the example for him of how
to be kind and obedient as he watched her intently.
Rachel wagging her finger at ammon telling him not to lick the spoon.
But one may ask why she gave him the spoon in the first place. hmm.

Yes, this warms my heart like nothing else.
(ammon is probably saying here, "you want some mine licker jacob?")
So if you think you are too old to have another.
Think again.
Ammon is one of the most wonderful blessings our family has ever received.
It is totally worth it!!

Look who came to visit!

Air force one and his little buddy .
Kind of cool to look out my bedroom window and see the President's
plane. He left last night. I saw them getting it all ready and all the helicopters patrolling
around it. Ammon thought it was cool too.
and PS-the planes arrived early sat, and the new said he wasn't coming until sunday, which would be monday here. hmmm.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

an apple butterfly.

I always cut ammon's sandwiches into two or four triangles and angle them
so they make butterflies. So when I gave ammon cut up apples the other day he
said, "Mom, look! a butterfly."
I am so glad that I am with this precious little boy all day long, and
can soak up all of his sweet goodness.
(look at his sweet little hands. I could just eat him up!)

sweet face too.
Then he ate that butterfly.

Only one wing left. ha.

Ammon is talking so much you wouldn't believe it, and every word out of his
mouth is so sweet. He is a good natured soul, like his brother.
Happy all the time.
For a long time he said to everything, "Why not?" in the sweetest way, and then I would
explain why not, and he would reply, "ok, fine" in a teenage intonation but with the
sweetness of a child. You really can just explain things to him and he gets it.
Jacob was like that too.

You can't see it, but the shirt he is wearing says,
"Mom like me best." I got it for him to tease the other kids.
They don't even care because we all like him best!
If he is asleep when an older kid gets home they want to wake him up because
they miss him. He is that kind of kid.
We are so blessed.

Friday, March 23, 2012

artisan bread made here.

See this incredibly beautiful boule of bread?

My husband, the artisan bread maker, made it.
(we do call him by that official title now. I mean who cares about being a MD.
I am putting this on our checks. ha)

I got this book as a white elephant gift at our New Year's eve party. Little did
i know how it would change my life.
Dave randomly picked up the book last weekend, and became completely inspired
(and now obsessed).
He is up until all hours baking bread every night. Each creation more delicious and
pleasing to the eye than the last. One night it's focaccia, another bread pudding, an olive
loaf, wheat, white, and on and on. Can you believe my good fortune?!

Dave says that it is incredibly easy. See the big bin of dough in the back? You make the dough, throw it in the fridge, and then use a little every day. Or in our case, a lot. The kids (ok, and me too), eat it as fast as he can make it. Especially if we have olive oil and balsamic vinegar to dip it in. Yum!
His artisan hands at work.

Look how cute he is!
(He is wearing the apron you recently got for us in Peru Teresa!)
Every time rebecca sees him baking she says with total adoration,
"I love him so much."

I had a "March birthdays" lunch at my house on Thurs. Dave whipped up three of these
baguettes for the ladies. They were beyond impressed.
Dave is glowing all the time, because we non stop praise him.
How could we not.
You see he is not just making bread now. He is doing carrot cakes, cheesecakes etc.
and making multiple recipes to test which is best. Yes, people are definitely stopping
by more often to visit us for the latest tasters. smile.
Dave even got Caitlin (far right) to say our family prayer for the night in return for a large piece of this particular carrot cake. Her prayer was so awesome! We love her so much.
So pretty much, the kids all think their dad is the bomb.
(like they didn't think that before).
It is getting harder and harder to remain their favorite parent. ha ha.
What is super funny too is I am getting new things in the mail every day. Like baking stones, oven thermometers etc. Look what came today? These two new cook books......
and this fancy "danish dough whisk." I was dying laughing. He is so dang cute! I think I am loving him more with each new baked item.
(I am serious).

You see, i don't like to cook. Don't get me wrong, I cook a ton. I have to. There
are 8 people in my family, and I do really enjoy eating good food.
Plus, I value family dinner time, and seeing my children properly fed.
But dang it, i just don't enjoy it.
So this new development in my marriage is better than winning the lottery.
Especially since I don't gamble. ha.

So being the supportive wife I am,
(I support my husband in all his righteous endeavors. smile)
I pulled out every recipe I have ever collected from a friend or magazine to try and
have never gotten around to making, and handed the piles over to dave.
His reply, " buy the ingredients and I'll make them".
Be still my heart. i love that man.

So I ordered a couple of more cook books myself, and I can enjoy
them exactly how I like to. Looking at the pictures...oohing and ahhing
and then showing dave which ones I want him to try out.

Just when I thought my life couldn't get any better!

Could this be another blessing of reading the book of mormon every day?
You'll never know until you try!!!!!!