Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Me in 30 days.

That's what my girl Jillian tells me. I am pretty excited about this. Bought this book at walmart for $12. Took me about an hour to read the basics, and get the idea of the program. She has a test that you take to learn if you are a slow, balanced, or fast oxidizer of food and then there is a 30 day very healthy diet to follow. Then a workout that you do 5 days a week. It is that simple. She tells me that i need to unleash my inner bad***. She says i will look good running in a bikini. Are you laughing yet? me too. She works on the whole mental hold up as well (so stop laughing. smile). The book is full of all of her "Biggest Loser" goodness. I loved it, and I am ready! I have been calling the last 2 days my pre diet. ha. That just means I am starting to eat way way better and less, but I still need to go shopping to get all the ingredients i need. But seriously, I eat so much normally i think i have already lost a couple of lbs.

In the book she gives the workout that you need to do every day but her videos are pretty much the workout. They will run you about $10 at walmart. This one above is awesome, because it is only 20 minutes long. She kills you, but it is so short. She says you are burning way more calories than an hour of "phoning it in at the gym." Speaking of which (on a side note), i still laugh whenever I think of my brother in law telling me how he saw a guy at the gym walking backwards at 2.0 incline on the treadmill, drinking a 32 oz. coffee from starbucks. Only in Utah (sorry, stereotype. I just can't help it. You should hear all of their funny stories about people at the gym). Anyway back to the workout. Jillian also has a 40 minute workout, that is the same circuit training approach. It is probably more what the diet regime is. Anyway, both are awesome.
Have I motivated you to join me? I mean, you don't want to be looking bad running next me all those times when we are out jogging in our bikinis together. ha ha .
Luckily, i was still on my pre diet when Keri Petersen dropped these off tonight. She knows I love her sugar cookies. She is always practicing her decorating for some event. Today is was for her grand daughter's baptism. There was a ctr (choose the right) cookie, but it got smashed in the fight for who gets to eat them. I was so good, and didn't succumb until 9pm. ha ha.

So how long can i stay on this pre diet before i get serious? Do I dare say tomorrow it begins? If I can shop tomorrow and do my before pictures (which don't even think i will share) and measurements tomorrow is the day.

Wish me luck. I mean, pray and fast intensely for me. And I never thought i would ever say this, but for the next 30 days please don't torture me and bring over a yummy treat i love. smile. Of course, after the 30 days the ban will be lifted. smile.


Teri said...

I'd kill for those abs...........but I just have absolutely no self discipline..sugary sweets overtake me!!! .oh and I have had 4 kids and gained 50 lbs each time!!!HA!

Teri said...

Good LUck!! by the way I do say you look amazing after having 6 kids!! sheesh!!

cbo said...

Your posts always make me smile!
I love the Jillian DVD's--and you are right, they are killer.

Anonymous said...

why not use your jane fonda cassette tape???? :)
ciao ciao!!!!

Dahlene said...

There is always tomorrow to start Heather. I can hardly wait to see you pose in a bikini in 30 days with abs like that. If it happens, I'll be game to do the same thing.

ali said...

good luck, that Jillian is a slave driver!!

Amie said...

Good for you and good luck! Seems that 30 days is about all I can do myself, so GO FOR IT!

GRodenberg said...

i am laughing so hard at anyone with kids running anywhere in a bikini. But hey, I am in. I love Jillian and love her metabolism book (see your latest post about organic and healthy foods- exactly about that!)Tomorrow huh? Call me with the diet details that day, and I'll go get the book for the rest of the time.