Thursday, April 30, 2009

maternity photo shoot.

This is really the first official maternity shoot that I have done. I haven't really advertised that I do maternity because my idea for a maternity shoot is different than most, i think. So, here it is. You won't see any nudey shots, sorry. I loved how they turned out. Exactly what i was thinking. Jessica and I were on the same page.

i just love how the dog is looking up at them in this one.

her necklace was so cool. It said change, and breathe. Isn't that perfect.

i teased matt a lot about his love for his dog, jake. It was so cute. I would say, "ok, look at Jessica like she's jake (their first baby, really)." It made him give a genuine smile. ha. Thanks for being such a good sport Matt.

Jake, really is so cute though.

Can I just take a moment to say that I was never this cute pregnant. my arms were never skinny. In fact, nothing was skinny on me. I was just thinking of the one piece jumper that I had that was covered with fall colored leaves. It was like a huge camouflage suit. I don't think I could have hid from anyone, I was huge. I'll have to see if i have a picture of me in it. It will give you a good laugh for sure. How did I ever think that was cute!

i thought this one was fun.

poor jake, he has no idea what is coming!! ha ha
GUESS WHAT? I just got an email from Jessica explaining that she was glad that we moved up the photo shoot, because she had the baby 5 weeks early! A healthy baby girl name Sophia Jane. You will be seeing her soon! Congrats guys!

Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm putting in my order.

The pictures on this post are all mixed up and crazy due to some technical difficulties (in other words, i am lame on the computer). But here is what you will see. I am going to do the baby room in my sister kelly's style, all white and tons of quilts. So that means, I need to call upon my sister's amazing talents and fill it with her baby quilts that I love. Here is a sampling of ones she has made (and I want of course). I also found this cute hand made mobile, and I thought adding a house or two instead of elephants would be nice, but I love the balls. Also, one of your signature baby books.

THe all white nursery's are ones I found on flikr. I want mine more simple. What do you think kell? Am I too demanding? Of course I am. I am your older sister. smile. Just send me the bill. I mean, send it to dave. ha ha.

To be honest, my wanting another baby sometimes was motivated purely by the desire to have a reason to buy every baby quilt my sister has ever made! Do you blame me?

PS-i felt well enough to go to church yesterday for the first time in a month, yeah me. It was so good to see friends faces, and be with all of my nursery sweeties. I missed them. Nursery is the best when you don't feel well. I could lay on the floor the whole time and do puzzles and play, and eat snacks the whole time! There were 8 girls and 2 boys yesterday and they are all angels. With all the ugly in the world. I am so glad there are these sweet little babies to help even things out.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Add Leslie as a favorite for sure.

( I am so loving this bag.)

O.K., so as promised, I will reveal my source. As, I was reading comments on my sister's blog, i clicked on a comment by leslie to see if it was my good friend. It wasn't, but i sure am happy that i looked. Her blog is so awesome!! It is called "a room somewhere". You have to check it out. She puts on cool things that she finds on other websites and gives the link, and if there is a free giveaway, or sale etc. Every image is a treat for the eyes. That is where i found the dress for Lizzie. I put on here just a few that made my heart flutter.

so true. so true. i heart the beatles. Wouldn't Rebecca's hair look amazing like this?

i wish this were me. The hat, the blouse, the skinny arms. smile.

I wish i would have seen these before easter. I would have whipped them right up. ha ha.

simple and sweet.

this looks more like me.

photo shoot heaven.

i couldn't love this necklace more. Unfortunately, it was neither a giveaway, or on sale. frown.

fabulous. and no, i wouldn't wear the two together.

how can i not love this. All of my favorite jewelry has this color in it.

what delicious linens.

be still my heart.

love this.
i think i need these.

i love this style, though i couldn't pull it off.

i want these shoes bad.

So, go check it out for yourself. I love her taste, and she does all the work of looking for all this fabulous stuff, which i don't enjoy doing.

If you want to find other cool websites, seriously click on the people that comment on my sister kelly's blog. So many are crafters, and have really neat blogs. enjoy.

p.s. i just went to buy the dress and they are already out of lizzie's size!!!!! Why didn't i buy it last night? i am so so very sad.