Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2 weeks old.

It cracks me up how a baby can just be crying like it is the end of the world, then.....
You pick them up and it is as if nothing ever happened. I totally understand since I still behave like this. right dave? smile.

It's his first "LOOK" I don't know if it looks more like Le Tigre or Magnum.

Ammon loves his mama (as all little boys should).

One word..... yummy.

smiles in their sleep are the best.

Ammon lookin buck.

I went to go see New moon (which was quite delightful) and I left Ammon at home. I was very anxious to get back to him. I nuzzled up to him, gave him lots of smooches and whispered in his ear that he is so much better than Edward. smile. Are you jealous DAve?
Well, it is Thanksgiving eve. I am looking forward to a cozy day at home tomorrow with the smell of turkey filling the house. My heart is filled with feelings of gratitude for my many many blessings. Hope yours is too.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I am so in love!!!

Ammon Joseph Ives
born November 6, 2009
3:15 pm
weighing 8 lbs. 12 oz.
2o inches long

Can you even imagine my complete joy that this precious little boy is mine? That he arrived safely, and is healthy. And of course the cutest little boy on earth. smile. I forgot how intense the feelings of love are for a new baby. They are such a miracle! I can't believe that I made this perfect little boy. It is absolutely impossible to doubt there is a God and a plan in all this when you hold a new baby in your arms. The spirit they bring to this earth is so strong and pure. So let's get down to the details. Sorry this has been so long in coming. I think I have a good excuse. We moved the whole week before I had the baby. Only about a 1/2 mile away. We didn't have phones or computers hooked up for some time and I couldn't find my cell phone recharger amongst all the boxes. AHHH! Let's just say things were pretty busy. Every night I couldn't believe that I didn't go into labor with all the work and stress. I didn't want to. There was too much to still do. So, I was blessed. Blessed to be able to have the energy to get up every day and blessed with wonderful friends to help. I can't believe really how smoothly it all went. Our new house had quite a bit of remodeling work to be done. It was being done up to the last minute. We are still doing things. More on that later (and pics!). My sister Gloria came on Tues. November 3rd. She was so awesome! She helped get all the last minute things done (like unpacking kids clothes for one. ugh). Plus, just so fun to have her love and support. I was induced Friday morning. They broke my water around 12:30 and Ammon was here at 3:15pm. I had some complications with my epidural. I had two initially and than another to do a blood patch for a spinal headache. Yes, it was a nightmare and I have had a rough recovery. That's what happens when you are an old lady. I have never had to have people stay overnight with me at the hospital to help before. Glor stayed with me the first night while Dave took the kids to the ward camp out. ha. Than Glor had to fly home on Saturday. Very sad. I ended up being in the hospital until Monday night. Dave luckily had paternity leave (10 days) woo hoo! Something new the air force offers. He asked if it is retro active and he can get ten days per each past kid. ha, no such luck. He has been busy taking care of everything, as well as moving things over still and unpacking. Such a good boy that Dave is.
So here I am before they got to work hooking me up to machines. When I saw this picture I thought of Eve eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. How appropriate, since why I was there was because of her decision. I don't think that Eve really understood what motherhood truly entailed when she chose to eat that fruit. I don't think she understood what God meant when he said that He would multiply her sorrow in conception. Let me give you a visual description.Yes, it is quite brutal. But I appreciate Eve's decision despite the suffering involved in child birth. Because of her I can be a mother and know true joy!This is my absolute favorite thing in the world. A soft, cozy, yummy smelling little baby all snuggled up to my face like this. I just can't get enough. Those first few days are so amazing despite the pain of recovery. I can't stop looking at him. It seems so unreal that they are truly yours. What a gift Ammon is to our family. They best gift ever. DAve and I are so so in love with him. I can hardly share him with the kids. I can't stand being away from him. It feels like we are young again and he is our first baby, and I have all the time in the world to just enjoy him. It has been so wonderful.

I normally am not a big chocolate fan. I have been craving it so much for the past two weeks. Thanks Christine for the brownies in the hospital. yummy. Ammon and I enjoyed them. smile.
So here is Ammon right after his first bath and under the heater. He is has such a calm and peaceful spirit. He is the sweetest little thing. Here is Ammon enjoying time with his Dad.

so sweet.

Aunt Gloria fell in love too. What's not to love. smile.Most of the time in the hospital I was in alot of back and neck pain. Thank heavens for muscle relaxers, perkeset (spell?) and Ibuprofen. AHHHH modern medicine.ha. Dave and I laughed how the nurse wrote down "getting rid of neck pain" for my daily goal.

On my last day I forced myself to get up and take some pictures. It about killed me but I am so glad I did.

His feet were still stained black from the ink.Just because I thought this was a cool picture.
Who doesn't love the baby sad face? So dang cute.Ready to go home all dressed up in his elf outfit.
He already looks so different. I hate how fast they change. I want him to stay small forever.

Here is a video right after he was born. His first cry. Yes, it does show his private parts, and yes they are swollen. ha. And what the heck. What happened to safety first. He is laying on a pair of scissors. And have you ever been complimented on your cord before? I thought that kinda weird. ha.

So there you have it everyone who has been giving me grief about not having pictures available. Now, back to my sweet baby. ooh, i already miss him.