Friday, June 15, 2007


Mom loves this picture. She said this is what they do all day, listen to Lennon's dramatic portrayals of her life experiences.

Had to put one in with the blanket made by grandma. Isn't it awesome?!

Mom assures me that Lennon has not been dethroned by her new baby brother Crue. Although her face here speaks of her concern in the matter.

Always some comic relief from this guy!

I love newborn photo shoots. What a wonderful gift these new little ones are. Thank you for letting me share in your joy, and hold little Crue to my hearts content.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The weech family

Did I go to Italy for the shoot? No, just to verrado. Isn't this fountain cool?

I had to put this in because their hair is just so cute. I love the bob.

this is so what it is like when you have many children and they are all young. They all want to be as close as possible to you. I love that!

Can you believe the eyes on these girls.

I just can't get enough of this little doll. (Dave and I steal her all the time at church and kiss her all over).

My wonderful friend here thinks she isn't photogenic and was so embarrassed in front of the camera. I had to put in all of these gorgeous shots of her to prove her wrong. Can you believe her coloring. So beautiful!! I wish I wasn't photogenic like her.

i love how her toes are curled in this picture. ooh- la-la. Barefoot and in love in the park!

everyone was tired by the end of this shoot. I love the girls clinging to their daddy. Nothing makes a wife love her husband more. Am I right ladies?
of course my favorite are always the laughing shots! can you tell she loves him?