Friday, April 2, 2010

organic delights

Looksie what I got at the local organic farmers market. Aren't they beautiful? I thought, why color eggs ? (my children thought differently). Anyway, after all my sister's ranting and raving about how eggs at the store have no nutrients and how the chickens need to be out in the sun, cage free, eating insects etc. etc. I can hardly eat a regular egg without a sense of loss. I swear, i think i might just be better off if i didn't know any better. Like, I just read new cancer research how you shouldn't microwave your food (or my baby's bottle water in a plastic liner) because it releases dioxins into your food that feed cancer cells. I am frantically telling other people and they are like, well duh. It actually was a really cool article put out by John Hopkins. What was neat to see was that so many of the things listed not to do because they feed cancer cells, are a part of my church's guidelines for health. It was given by revelation to the prophet Joseph Smith back when the church was first restored again on the earth in the early 1800's. It was appropriately named "The Word of Wisdom." At the time, people scoffed at the thought of God giving us such commands about what we eat and drink (and they still do). But luckily, God has a little more insight than man. Interestingly, now John Hopkins and other universities almost 200 years later are just figuring it out.

So, back to uneducated me. I am very grateful to all my friends, and family, that lead my by the hand step by step to a healthier me. I slowly learn knew things, and try to incorporate them. I feel better knowing that i am putting (or trying to) the best things that i can into my body. Our bodies are such a gift, and i am so grateful for mine. I want my body to stay as strong and healthy as possible. I plan to live a very long time.
Here is another market find. I used it on my delightful brunch that i made for myself this morning. Isn't it beautiful?

I feel so much better when I eat healthy. I am loving using more herbs, and vegetables for seasonings. It makes you feel happy inside.
Of course, then I made chocolate chip cookies for Ahlena, and i had some (i had to make sure they were good right?). Well, it was a quick confirmation that I really just can't handle that much sugar in my diet. Because of course, I didn't have just one. What do you think i am? A Robot woman? Lesson learned (for the 3 millionth time). Yes, i am still pre-diet. But I did go shopping today. The date has been set for monday. I had to enjoy a lovely traditional easter dinner first.
PS-The movie we watched last night was one of the best i have ever seen. Can't wait to share the details.


Teri said...

where is this farmers market you speak of.......... that dressing looks yummy!!!

ABlack said...

Those cookies were awesome by the way! and they were gone in 1 day, speaking of over eating. =)

Natalie said...

this makes my heart happy:)