Monday, July 2, 2012

We love korea!

Here you go Cheri!  Here are our matchy matchy outfits!
We are going to wear them traveling tomorrow, korean style!
Tonight was our last night out on the main drag right outside the base in Songtan.
Kids choice, Brazilian meat house.  Their favorite!  

Whenever we go, we bring along kids from families where the mom is a vegetarian. ha ha.
I think they are only friends with us because we feed them meat. ha ha.

in a meat coma. Rachel just barely can move her fingers to text. 

I love these ladies so much.  
I am a better person for knowing them.
I will miss you Jane, jackie, and kristi!!!

When you live overseas, your friends become your family.
Jane, you are my sister forever.

Jackie watched ammon when we went to thailand, and she was telling me tonight
that she showed him off to all the african families and they just loved him,
and couldn't get over how well he could talk.
Can't wait to show him off to my family when we get to Utah. smile.
His favorite expressions right now are "jiminy crackett" (not sure why)
and "oh yahhhhhhh, lightening mcqueen"

sad day.

I finally have to face reality.  I am moving tomorrow, and all of these bags need to be packed.  The playing must stop. It's a sad day.  I really would rather blog about all the fun stuff we have been doing.  All the lasts.  All the goodbyes.  Maybe if I am a good girl and get all my work done, I can blog all night. It's not looking good though.  Everyone has been barely eating all day so they can eat a sickening amount at the brazilian restaurant tonight.  All the meat you can eat!  It's the kids favorite and their one last request before we leave our beloved korea.
The kids are out of their mind excited to go to the states and see family.
Tomorrow morning the new adventure begins.  The saddest and happiest day of our lives.