Saturday, May 30, 2009

Walker family sneak preview

One of this little girl's favorite shows is "America's next top model". I think she is well on her way herself. The camera loves her! (so does the photographer. smile)

Brother can work the camera as well. Wait until you see him smile. Wow!
Mom and Dad sure have good genes.


How's that for a kiss?
I can't wait to show you the rest Walker family. There are so many! How will I choose!? I promised you a sneak peak. Hope you liked it!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Maui memories.

The past five days i have woken up to this. Breakfast on the balcony as the sun rises. I ask you. Does it really get any better than that? The hotel's specialty was eggs benedict. It was as good as the view. Well, almost. (in case you were wondering. The two islands you see off the coast are molokini and lanai.)
Bright and early we headed down to the beach. The most amazing thing about this resort was that it is secluded and quiet. Just what the doctor ordered.We spent our days reading......

....snorkeling(there were two sea turtles that came to eat on these rocks right in front of us. They are so beautiful),

but mostly just reconnecting.
when we needed a break from the beach, we headed up to the pool.

ahhhhhhh. lunch anyone. i want to put 2 of these on my back patio.

I research a lot on what hotel to stay in. I like to check out the other hotels that i was considering. This is the Marriot on Wailea. I loved our resort (the maui prince) way more for the quiet and beach, but this sure looked fabulous.

I totally envisioned this shot. I coached dave through it. It took many tries. He wasn't liking me by the end. that's ok, he'll forgive, eventually. smile. But I sacrificed too! I was dying standing on that tree because I stepped on a bee on the beach and my foot was all swollen and in pain. But it's worth it to have a picture of my little baby bump. so sweet.
Also.......i think we decided on a name that we both agree on. Ammon Joseph Ives. At least for now.

love you hawaii. You know just how to soothe my soul. Thanks to my lover dave (the doctor that prescribed it and filled that prescription.) You really are the best.
P.S. In case you were wondering. Dave and I are travelaholics. When we die, we will not have a dime to our name, but we will have seen the world and have the best memories. Dave suggested a trip on Monday, we bought our tickets to maui on Tues., hotel booked and babysitter found on Wed. Did all the millions of things that you need to do to get things in line to leave our life for five days, on Thursday and Friday. Flew out Saturday. That's how we do things around here. Hence our past family blogs name.....The Crazy Ives. smile.

Friday, May 22, 2009

true's first outfit.

It is an outfit for Dave. Complete with pirate shoes. Total cost, $12. ala target.
I am starting to get excited to have a boy. Especially since I am starting to feel better. 3 DAYS WITHOUT thowing up. woo hoooooooo!!
This morning, Rachel and I decided his middle name should be fitzwilliam, after our beloved Mr. DArcy. I think it works. True Fitzwilliam Ives. Doesn't that sound like a name figured out by 4 sisters and a mom. ha ha.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

just because i heart her.

my lizzie is always content. It takes a lot to ruffle her feathers. She happily goes about life, not causing a fuss. Because of this i sometimes don't notice all of the little wonderful things that make her, her. She is constantly making some clever and witty little comment in response to all of her siblings ramblings. She notices everything. She is a details girl. She does this funny little laugh after everything she says. Really, she does. She makes a hard "K" sound at the end of "ing" words. I don't know why. She will happily help you at any time. She has thick thick hair like her aunt Coco. She is so excited to give her presentation on England at school. She has been practicing it every day for a week. She makes every one in our family happy. We love her.

This morning..

I read Nie Nie dialogues post. And I am so glad I did. This is what i wanted to email her (below), but it said that it was more than 300 characters, so i was out of luck. I have been so moved by her whole journey, but I have never commented or said anything. I felt so inclined today. Thanks Nie.

"i was uplifted and inspired as i cried reading your post this morning. I get so mad at myself when i let my trials get the better of me. I feel like i don't learn anything and i don't improve one iota. You seem to bear it so much more gracefully, and i am hopeful that i can do better today and be nicer. You see, when i don't feel well, i get ornery, impatient, and sometimes down right mean. And my pain and suffering is absolutely nothing compared to yours. Does your pain ever bring out the worst in you? Anyway, i am going to have a little chat with my five little precious children on my bed today too. And apologize for not always being strong enough to be nice through the misery that is me right now. They are so precious and beautiful. They will forgive as they always do and love me more. But today, thanks to you, i am given fresh motivation to be better. To be stronger. Thank you. My prayers will continue to be with you and your family. I know Heavenly Father has big plans for your family too. I think this blog is a big part of it. It's reach and influence is more powerful than you probably realize. Hang in there. Eat an extra cupcake for me.-heather"

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's A Boy!!!!!!!

The ives children are besides themselves with joy! Jacob is so excited to show him how to be a real man, and pass on all of his "skills."

As soon as i finished my post yesterday about craving Pho, i called dave, my partner in crime. He agreed willingly to accompany me on my search for Pho. It was a successful mission, and I left the "43rd express" with a very happy tummy. And a very happy tummy doesn't happen very often. It was a happy moment in time.

When I dropped him back off at the the base, i said, "let's go see if we can tell if it's a boy or girl!" He dragged his feet, but I made him. Within five minutes we knew. It is definitely a boy! Very exciting. We thought it would never happen. Now what to name him. The dilemma begins.

I am sad not to have a girl to name truly. But i think just plain "true" for a boy is cute. It is my favorite so far. When i picture him that seems the only name that fits so far. I would love to hear your suggestions. PLEASE!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

craving this real bad. i mean real bad.

vietnamese pho. It is so delightful, and I haven't had it in so long! Leslie, I might need to drive down to so. cal just to have some of your mom's. Do you ever make it Les?

Leslie, you know what I realized. Both of us will be huge pregnant at our 20 year reunion! You are so going with me! Dave is a little too excited about going to my highschool reunion. I am not sure why. I think, he thinks, he will find out who the real me is or something. Like he will get juicy stories about me. There aren't any are there?

Back to the soup. I am finding one here, and driving no matter how far. Right NOW! Now that is incentive to get off the couch.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

anyone want a puppy?

There hasn't been a day that goes by without dave saying, "the dog has to go!" He never really warmed up to poor little Roxy. She is 4 months older than this now, but she is sweet and loving dog, just a spazzy puppy. She is free to a loving home. We have a kennel for her that she is happy to be in when needed. So, cmon, you know you want a dog! smile.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

after disneyland......

it's off to the beach and making a run for the water. I remember so clearly growing up in southern cal. and those hot summer days my mom would wake us up early to do our chores (we didn't have air conditioning), and than as the day heated up we would jump in the car to head down to the beach. By the time we arrived we were hot and sweaty (the car had no air conditioning) and couldn't get out of the car fast enough. We would run as fast as we could (the sand was hot) and throw our towels and whatever we had to carry and keep running straight to the water. It was the best feeling ever!! And I think back in the day, i did look like ms. mary, truth be told. Of course, my hair was brown. I wouldn't get out of the water until we were called in to head home at about 2-3pm so we wouldn't hit the rush hour traffic. You really didn't want to sit in traffic (remember no a/c). Yah, those were the days.

Not living that close to the beach stinks, but I am so happy we live as close as we do and can visit fairly easily. So if you decide to come to so. cal with us, this is part of the itinerary.

(no, you don't have to pose with dave on the beach.)but you do get to make a trip with us to the yummiest donut shop. Do you see it? Seaside donuts. You can get 12 donut holes for a buck! And they are so very scrumptious. (i take it back. I never looked as good as ms. mary. My sisters and I all covet her figure. Can you blame us?)

the spoils have arrived.

now for some frisbee,

building sand castles,

and hangin out. This is my cousin Lynnelle's baby, and what mine look like.

anyone for a chorus line?

have i convinced you to come yet?
P.S. Can you believe that smog in the first picture? The brown haze. Gross. My other beach pictures were take on the Oregon Coast. No smog there. Don't worry it is still fabulous.

Monday, May 11, 2009

give me the magic!

There is no place quite like the magic kingdom. Disney has an amazing deal for military families right now. So this will be us come the first of June. I am so excited because I know by then i will be feeling better, and i will be able to soak up the magic with the kids.Don't you just love to see that look of wonder in your kids eyes as you enter the park? Priceless.

i love to watch the girls hem and haw about which costume they would pick (if we actually bought them). It is more fun to dream than really get one, i think. At least that is what i tell them. smile.
Dave loves the dreaming part too. Just in a different way. (he actually had just had a heart attack the last time we went. He did this all over the park) ha ha.
The two most "incredible men i know." smile. i know, cheesy. But how cool is this pic? Dave was just walking to the tower of terror (as if the heart attack weren't enough terror for him), and gets the high five from mr. incredible. just cool.

here's another guy who thinks he is mr. incredible. Nice pose jake. Here he is with Ashley on the merry go round. THe Martineau's and Wellmans were at D-land too. It is so much more fun to go with friends. We are trying to get them to go again with us this time.

We promise we won't tease you about your issues Brent. ha ha.

Wyatt love to work the camera. He was working all my girls too. Every time i turned around he was holding one of their hands. Or maybe it is my girls who can't resist how dang cute he is.

Dave fancies himself a pirate. I am being serious. He really wants to be a pirate. The captain of course. Do all boys dream that, just like the girls of being a princess?Dave also would like this to be his backyard.

We didn't see these four much. Talk about memories they will always remember. This one will be hard to top. Dave and I took all the littles to bug's land for awhile. My favorite ride is the Heinrich the caterpillar ride. Love it. The kids love it too.It's hard to get a picture of yourself when you are the photog. I was there with them. ha. WE always like to enjoy a light lunch while in the park. You can see that Dave's heart attack really set him back in his eating habits. so naughty.
When the kids get tired out, it is time for a parade.
I love the california adventure afternoon parade. So colorful and fun.

Dave and Jeff really enjoyed it too! Here they are mocking the guys in the parade. How animated they are, and their delightful dancing. Rude. (there weren't any pirates in the parade spitting on people and kicking little kids. Dave would have liked that.)

Here's melli being......well, Melanie! smile.

Can you guess which ride this is? It is one of my favorites. Leah wasn't so sure! Her favorite is Soarin' over California. We love it too. Second only to California Screamin! Which is the best of course.
In fact, it's getting late, we better head on over there.

the day is winding down.

i love all these happy faces.

and princesses.
my favorite that night was going on the log ride. The park was about to close and no one was on it. They let us stay on a go again and again. We were soaked, but happy. I guess i didn't have my camera with me.

Then there is the meeting up at the end of the day. Exchanging fun stories and excitement from the day. It's a happy feeling.

it's a magical place.

So, here is a formal invitation! Anyone want to join us the first week of june at the magic kingdom?