Thursday, April 8, 2010

Best CAr Detailing Cheap!

You are going to l0ve me for this information. Actually, love Anne Christensen, because she passed it on to me.

This is Randy detailing my car this morning. He is awesome. He comes to your house at your convenience, and he only charges............are you ready for this? $60. Isn't that awesome. We are talking shampooing carpets, waxing, the works. He did my suburban for $60. So a smaller car would probably be cheaper. Also, that is for inside and out. If you only want the inside that is even cheaper.

You can send love and thanks my way in the form of raw vegetables, since I can't have treats for a month. ha ha.

His info is in the picture on his truck 602-635-0074, and his name is Randy. He is super nice.

p.s. I just saw you melanie out there talking to him and getting his info. ha ha.

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Mandee said...

Is he willing to drive to Utah?

P.S. I am excited to see your Jillian Michaels transformation- because if it works, I am totally on that bandwagon.