Thursday, October 25, 2012


If you've wondered where I been. I've been instagramming.  It is so easy!  Even I can do it! ha!

After a long fun summer we finally arrived in Italy, and may never leave. (you think I'm kidding? )

We are still not settled in our house completely.  Things take time here in Italy.  Ci vuole pazienza.

My Italian is slowly coming back and I feel more and more comfortable every day.  I absolutely love it

here.  It is surreal being here.  There is so much to see and do it is overwhelming.  Every day I can't

believe it is true that I am here.  The pictures above are from August when we first moved here.  We

took a trip up to Austria.  It was breathtakingly beautiful.  I already have a million pictures as you can

imagine.  Get on instagram.  My user name is hlives.  I will eventually get it together and blog.  My

birthday is tomorrow and my gift to myself is having my sister Gloria come out and help me get

organized, and of course party and sight see. smile.  I don't think I can do this moving thing anymore.

It about does me in.  That and having a kidney stone right after I got here.  fun fun.

Hey!  It's 12:03a.m.  I am officially 42.  My heart is full of such gratitude. Every night I fall asleep

thanking Heavenly Father for everything I have been blessed with.  Just to all be healthy, all home

safe together at the end of the day, in a comfortable home,  with full stomachs, and hearts at peace

knowing of God's love and care for us.  And all those little things every day that add up to treasured

memories of a happy family life.  My goal-to share that love and gratitude with others.  To smile at

everyone.  To have a kind word for everyone.  To share the joy that I have.  Or as jacob says my

mantra should be "Keep calm, and mother on."  Now to bed, so I can be a nice mother tomorrow. smile