Thursday, April 8, 2010

sisterly affection. brotherly love.

I came out of my room and saw this precious sight. Ammon hangin' with Rachel while she did her homework on the computer. It melted my heart. I love how Ammon is hugging her. He is like that. He reminds me of a koala bear. He just latches right onto you. I love it. This little boy is jsut so happy and content to be with his family. He adds so much happiness to our home. Every day is a gift with him.

What a good sister Rachel is. It sure is easier to have a baby when you have 3 kids that are able to take care of him. I don't think life gets any better than this.


Secure said...

I loved how he was looking at her at church! So cute.

ABlack said...

Sorry that last one was me..Ahlena =)