Friday, April 16, 2010

consistency is the key.

I am so proud of Jacob. He wanted to go out for the high school tennis team because he has loved playing with dave and I all growing up, but had never been taught by someone who knows what they are doing. ha ha. So we took him over to the tennis center by our house and had him meet with one of the tennis pros to see if he was good enough to be in the junior academy. After meeting with him, Vince (who is an awesome coach over there) told me that he is a natural athlete, but suggested some private lessons to learn the basics (forehand, backhand, volley, and serve). We did that and Jacob completely fell in love with tennis. That is all he could think of day and night, and dreamed of the perfect tennis racket (he was using my old racket).

Within a month or so, he went from the junior varsity, to varsity at the tennis center. He decided to get ready for tennis instead of playing basketball this year, and got a lot of flack from the bball coach and heckling form the bball players, but jacob didn't care. He was committed to tennis. Watching the Australian open, and planning out his professional tennis career. ha ha.

Anyway, try-outs came along, and low and behold jacob received the coveted spot of Varsity 1. Which meant he was the best on the team, and played the best player from every other school. Pretty good for only learning how a couple months earlier. His first match was painful to watch. It was like every hit of the ball was a change-up. He was playing so cautiously. The other player, who was used to a high speed game, was kind of thrown off his game. Jacob didn't win, but sure got lots of good advice from us afterwards. wink.

It was so great to see his confidence and ability get better with each match. He really learned to hold his own with kids who have been playing for years. Some of them are so amazing. After one match, that he was defeated pretty bad in (the kid is one of the best in the state) Jacob asked me if I was embarrassed that he was my son. NO WAY! I couldn't be prouder. He was doing amazing for only having played a few months, and was consistently getting better with each match. The mental game is so huge too, and Jacob is so good at staying focused. (He didn't get that from me.)

How Jacob survived most matches and won a few, was with his consistency. He didn't have lots of tricks, or high speed power shots, but he would consistently return every thing they gave him and eventually they would make an error. That was his weapon. They played every school twice and we made sure to point out how he won more games in each set than the previous time, even if he lost.

Life lesson learned....consistency is the key. Sometimes we give huge efforts in life, but get too tired and give up. Slow down, do the best you can, keep working at it, and watch the progression you will make. It's like the story of the race between the tortoise and the hare. Those who are rushing and overly confident sometimes blow it because they aren't consistent, or persistent. This life is all about enduring to the end, not who is perfect first. Short bursts of trying to be perfect don't work. We have all eternity to work out all we should do and be. We need to just try to be consistent in the seemingly little things. The basics, the fundamentals (as coach says in HOOSIERs). You know praying, reading your scriptures, loving and serving your family and those around you the best you can. Even if our opponent seems too big, our obstacles insurmountable. Just keep your head in the game (are you thinking high school musical now? ha ha)stay focused, keep going. You can do it! (nacho libre voice).

WEll, i am all out of movie quotes, and sport analogies. ha. So just one more word to Jacob. I couldn't possibly more proud to be your mom. Not because of your athletic prowess (amazing as it may be. ha ha), but because you try your best to do what God wants you to do, and share what you know is true with everyone around you. I am most proud when I hear you pray. Your prayers have always deeply touched me. You have such faith. In your baby blessing, DAd was inspired to say that "you would have a faith that would pierce the veil (the veil that shields our view of heaven)." And you truly have been blessed with that gift. Proud doesn't even begin to describe how i feel about you. Keep it up Mr. Consistent. I love you. -MoM


Anonymous said...

way to go jacob!!!!!!! i am proud of jacob too and i am not even his mama!!!!!
ciao ciao!!!

Dahlene said...

Great post Heather! Great job Jacob. You are an inspiration to all of us. I think I'll show my 12 and 14 year old this post to show them they will be successful if they remain consistent in practicing the things that they want to be successful at.

kelly said...

championship jake nake!