Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Rolfe family

Meet Micah and Marie Rolfe. The nicest people you can meet, and the parents of four wonderful children. They were so worried that it was too frustrating for me to get all the kids to cooperate for a group picture. Not one bit frustrating. My favorites are when they are all themselves. The one below I just love and it makes me laugh every time. Being the mother of 5 children in a 7 year age span myself, this said it all to me about what life is like for them right now. I know, I remember. "That's the way we roll" should be the title for this.

This was so cute. I was taking pictures of mom and dad and 3 year old Rebecca brought the stool over and plopped it right down in front of them. She thought that was quite funny and cute. I thought so too.