Monday, January 30, 2012

technology can be pretty awesome. totally.

Jacob reading the scriptures last night with his girlfriend Alex
using face time and the ipad. How cool is that?

Alex has been going to seminary
(class before school in the morning. they are studying the old testament this year).
and church for a while.
She makes us realize all over again how
wonderfully life changing
having a knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and
It brings a peace, joy, and contentment to your life
that is better than any amount of wealth, beauty,
or even chocolate (smile).

Jacob is even more excited now to serve a
He sits next to the missionaries when they are meeting
with Alex and pretends he is one of them with a
happy little glow on his face.

We die laughing too because the missionaries are american
and not used to speaking english to teach the gospel.
The one elder apologized before starting that he speaks very
proper Korean, but teenager english.
Let's just say we are always teasing him saying,
"awesome, totally, sweet, fer sure"
He is so dang cute.

I'm off. Going with friends to the flower market, and costco.
SWEET! (fer sure)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

suburban heartthrob.

Jacob's coach told us that he calls Jacob the suburban heartthrob.
He does put on a good show for sure.
The coach owes him a lot of steak dinners too.
He promised the players that if they get a double double
(double digits in score, and double digits in rebounds)
he will buy them a steak dinner.

I must admit, i love to watch him play.
He is so driven, focused, and lives for the win.
He gives it all out on the court.
It is amazing that he has never been injured.
He's a lot like his father that way.

see what i mean. ridiculous right?
He gets real crazy when he is mad or they are behind.
Look at his twisted body in this one. He's lucky he is flexible like his mama.
It's like basketball yoga.
cutie Rachel cheering her brother and osan on to victory.

he looks like a midget in this one. ha.
and look at the two guys behind them. They are like,
"I am getting out of the way of that!" ha.

I can just hear my dad, brothers and brothers in law putting
in commentary for this one. Jacob had some pretty good
ones. He's a Reneer for sure.
he looks like he is running up to the basket here.

he rarely misses a free throw. I'm proud of him.
and of this girl too.
Ammon and Pooh are sure to follow in Jacob's footsteps.
Jacob is telling me how he is going to give ammon
drills to work on, and have him weightlifting at 12 etc. etc.
he cracks me up.
I'm sure ammon will be calling Jacob "uncle rico" as he recounts how
back in the day he could throw a pigskin a 1/4 mile, and such.
can't wait to see jacob at one of ammon's games cheering him on.
I'll probably be a grandma then.
so weird.

off to bed. This old lady needs to rest her bones.
good night.

17 Miracles-love this movie.

I really really love this movie.
Not only is it an amazing true story that of course is miraculous,
but the main character Levi Savage is so dang good looking.
I think he looks like Brad Pitt, except better because he
is a humble, righteous dude!
(he is almost as handsome as you dave. wink)
Great family movie.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


We girls had a fun MLK holiday shopping in Seoul at
Dong means Neighborhood in Korean, and Myeong means
bright and clear. It should mean fabulous!!
Do you see their happy albeit blurry faces?!

Myeong-Dong is a huge famous shopping area in Seoul,
and one of Rachel's birthday coupons included a trip here
to go to the clothing store Forever 21.

It has huge dept. stores, and then lots of American stores. All the
name brands. But we heard the Forever 21 was amazing.

I just read that over a million people pass through this shopping
district every day!

We drove to the army base in Seoul and then took a taxi from there.

here we go!
Rebecca went to bed early on Sunday, she couldn't wait to wake up and go!
This 5 story Forever 21 did not disappoint! It was amazing!
and really reasonably priced.

We got to a point where we just set up shop on the top floor.
We all dumped our bags in one place and would rotate who manned our spot.
Yes, we got a lot of funny looks. Look at our pile?
It was hysterical. It was often our dressing room as well. We would
just try things on for each other right there.
It was really hard work and I was sweating by the time i got out of there.
ha ha.
proof of our hard work. smile.
The work really was trying to carry all those bags the rest of the day.
But really we had spent so much time (and money)at Forever 21
we didn't last too much longer.
but we had worked up a hearty appetite. Nothing tastes so good as
eating after a good day of shopping. And we were super excited that there
was a California Pizza Kitchen!!
There were a lot of American restaurants in the area. Which is very
exciting when you live over seas.
Ahhh, perfection. It had the perfect view.
We were so hungry and so excited about the menu...we ordered
a ridiculous amount of food. Yes, they thought we were
crazy here too. Our waiter forgot one of our pizza's and when we
let him know he said, "I'm sorry, there was just so much food!"
Us piggy Americans. hee hee. I mean oink oink.

too funny.
but as full as we were. Everyone had to get something at Jamba Juice.
oh the things you take for granted in the states. smile.
no i didn't get these shoes, but the guy who worked there was so funny.
(see him in the back?)
Have you ever seen a 4 story Dunkin' Donuts before?
Cool huh?
there are a lot of Dunkin' Donuts in Korea. and krispy Creme too!
We barely made it back out alive!
Although the real challenge will be getting past our husbands
with all of this stuff. ha.

the taxi ride back to the base, was a "happy sale" day.
(see the seoul tower below?)
the end.

Monday, January 16, 2012

eye candy galore!

(one of the pictures on kelly's pinterest page. I think rebecca's hair will look super cute like this.)

Need some eye candy? Look no farther. My sister's pinterest page fills you up. My sister is one of those people who just exudes style and coolness. People are always really drawn to her because of it. Actually, both of my younger sister's are like that. They keep me young and hip. Or at least they try! ha ha. I love them for it. If you read my blog, you probably know about hers. If not here it is.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Topdong ice skating.

The knudsens and us filled up our two 9 passenger vans with kids and headed down to the super ghetto topdong ice rink in suwon. We usually go to a new nice place, but we found out it was closed right before we were leaving. It was great! It added to the experience.

yeah, these skates have seen a few years. They kill your feet, but it's worth it to feel like you earned your hot chocolate.

So, you have to love korea where you have to wear helmets for EVERYTHING! It doesn't even seem weird or embarrassing to us now. We think we look pretty cool. ha ha. You also have
to wear gloves. We kept getting stopped by the ice police for infractions on all the rules.
rebellious americans. smile.
(hey, wait a minute. The ice police isn't wearing a helmet!)

james, rachel and libby.
(and someone else with an ungloved hand!! gasp.)
I don't know how, but a korean picks out Leah wherever we go and asks her to be their friend. She is the only one too that would love to hang out and hold hands with some girl she doesn't know who barely speaks english. Cracks us up. Way to go Leah!
caroline with rachel.

at every ice rink we go to there are the cutest little girls in the
middle figure skating amazingly. They are so tiny and adorable.
It makes you want to take up figure skating, until you get out there
yourself that is, and it is extremely awkward, uncomfortable, and painful just trying
to go a couple of times around the rink without falling. ha.
Also they have all these little boys decked out with speed skates on practicing. so cute.
i take picture of korean little kids wherever i go.
I love them. they are so precious.
and always dressed so stylish.

rebecca and jacob.leah trying to do nacho. ha.
Lizzieabbie.break time.
time to get a drink.
everyone surrounding the hot chocolate vending machine.
One of our favorite things in korea. You can get a cup of
hot chocolate for 30 cents out of a vending machine.
since it is so cheap, we have 10 each. ha ha.
(c'mon, they are small).

loving jonas' fogged up glasses from his steaming hot chocolate.

love all the rosy cheeks.

and happy faces.
and lizzie looking like a coal miner.

ahhh topdong memories. smile.