Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday morning.

this is my favorite thing in life.
All the kids gathered in one room cozy and talking about life.
Specifically about how good it is, and the exciting things coming up in our lives.

But first we have to call dad in to make the party complete!

Everything is better when dad is there.

We got out the ipad and looked at the map of where we will be living in Italy,
and talked and talked about all the cool things we want to see and do.
We are really starting to get excited!

"ring around the rosies"

the twinners.
When Rebecca was born my sister gloria looked at her and said, "hello dave."
Dave's reply when told how much Rebecca looks like him, "I know, isn't she beautiful?"
It was love at first sight for dave.
Rebecca secretly tells dave and I separately, "you are my favorite."
She is one of those cozy sweet "grills" (as ammon calls girls).
Except when she is hungry and tired.
We tell her she is not allowed to talk on fast sunday. ha ha.

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Anonymous said...

So ├žosi cosi! What a fun and beautiful family and I love how you enjoy being insieme!xoxo