Tuesday, March 27, 2012

teenagers need love.

(Jacob and Ammon cozying watching star wars)
When kids grow up they still need a lot of touch and affection. But
snuggling like this with your mom and dad just isn't.....well, it's weird.
So what is a kid to do? Often they find a boyfriend or girlfriend to love on.
Want a better solution?
Simply have a baby. (yah, real simple. ha)
It solves many a teenage problem.
But seriously, a baby softens a teenager when they are often a bit prickly.
They have someone who gives them unconditional love, and to whom
they can freely love and cuddle and still be cool.
They start to see the strength and joy of parental love, and
learn great parenting skills.
It makes them less self centered.
It is a win win situation.

Plus, Jacob finally has someone to pass all of his skills on to.
He talked about that all the time when he was young. That he didn't have a
brother to pass on important skills like sword fighting and basketball drills.
You know, important stuff like that.
He is busy teaching him to be a boy.... i mean man. You should see ammon
sitting next to him doing the same thing, walking and acting just like him.
Jacob has big plans for ammon. Says he will have him lifting weights at 12. ha ha.
Plus, it brings my heart the greatest joy.
Rachel is busy passing on her own skills, and learning to nurture.
Ammon is her boyfriend. He gives her endless kisses without getting in trouble. ha.
He sits right next to her while she does everything.
This can be bad at times, because Rachel can be naughty.
But like this morning, she realized that she needed to set the example for him of how
to be kind and obedient as he watched her intently.
Rachel wagging her finger at ammon telling him not to lick the spoon.
But one may ask why she gave him the spoon in the first place. hmm.

Yes, this warms my heart like nothing else.
(ammon is probably saying here, "you want some mine licker jacob?")
So if you think you are too old to have another.
Think again.
Ammon is one of the most wonderful blessings our family has ever received.
It is totally worth it!!

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onehm said...

I am de-lurking to tell you how much I adore this post. I love how sweet your teens are with this little man of yours. He obviously was meant to be.