Monday, April 16, 2012

Look how gorgeous my mom is!

I think she looks like a movie star.
She is 34 here and pregnant with my sister kelly (her 5th baby).
My Mom passed away when I was 34, it was hard.
When I went to my Dad's family reunion this past summer everyone
kept saying how much I look like her. I really don't.
I just have her coloring (dark hair and light blue eyes), and probably
mannerisms. I think my eyes are the only things that are kind of like hers.
but mine are more round like my dads.
I really see my sisters kelly and nicole in her way more.
But hey, after seeing this picture. I'll take the compliment!

PS -and now I know why she tortured me starting at a young age to tweeze
my eyebrows. Hers are perfection and I have my dad's eyebrows. ha
(sorry dad, but it is true)

PPS- Leah has her dad's eyebrows and I admit it, I held her arms down on the floor with my
knees and forced eyebrow plucking upon her.
Yep, I'm my mother's daughter. ha ha.


Leslie said...

she is such a beautiful lady! i love that woman and her daughter(s). i see kelly so much in this photo. crazy the resemblance.

Anonymous said...

she sure is beautiful. you do have one good looking family and here is one of the reasons why! that is funny that you were sitting on leah to shape her eyebrows. i am sure there is an easier and more painless way...esp. in korea!!! i read kelly's post about the usc sweater at the thrift store. so neat! she is a talented writer. (you as well) ciao ciao bella. xoxo

Anonymous said...

oh yeah...i love the macramaed plant holder!! so classic for that time era. i remember watering the plants in their macramae holders that hung from the ceiling & we had a fish bowl hanging from one too! groovy pops, groovy!!! :)