Thursday, April 19, 2012

He's at it again!

Dave went to a medical conference in san francisco.
What did he bring back for us you ask?
(besides more knowledge about breast imaging. ha)
......Rye flour.
With that he made homemade rye bread, and then this fabulous dinner
of Reuben sandwiches. He had a homemade sauce as well.
They were seriously unbelieveable.

need a closer view?
Grilled to delicious perfection.

and if that wasn't enough, he made one of my favorite desserts to
order at restaurants, a chocolate lava cake. He is trying to perfect
it before Roger and Teresa Harding come to visit next month.

We went on a cruise with them for dave's 40th birthday, and we ate
so many of these every night at dinner that our waitress would just bring
out a whole pan of 12 of them as soon as she saw us coming.
She was a good waitress.

and if that isn't enough.
I am starting to think he was abducted by aliens.
I'm not complaining. ha.
I guess dave is like a good cheese, gets better with age.
Although a little stinky. ha ha. (I couldn't resist that one dave.)

PS- I love a man in a star wars shirt.


Anonymous said...

oh davide! as if you weren't the complete package already!!!!! those sandwiches look amazing, and to think the bread is made from scratch too...and now yoga? what's next? oil painting? writing poetry? qual cosa e possibile!!!!!xoxox

heather said...

nancy, i dreamed last night that i was on the east coast and I ran into you at a mall or something (i know very unlikely that you would ever be at a mall. ha ha. how are we even friends. ha) anyway. when we saw each other we ran to each other and hugged and hugged and i cried and cried. I think it is time that we saw each other. it has been to long my dear friend.

Leslie said...

i love reuben sandwiches! they are my absolute favorite! dave has inspired me to be a bread maker. i tried the pizza dough recipe that was in a costco magazine and it is the best i have ever had! what a great concept, bread in 5 mins a day! thanks for introducing me! can't wait to see you this summer. maybe nancy could come here and i could meet her too!

Syndi said...

I love it, Mr. Chef, so awesome, enjoy him :)

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