Wednesday, April 25, 2012

love is a good thing (and it inspires such fashion)

We love how the Korean couples wear matching outfits for special trips or occasions.
When you go to an amusement park you see all the young couples matching.
Jacob told his girlfriend that he wanted to get matching outfits before he
moved and go to Everland together (think Disney/ magic mountain/zoo).
She died laughing because she is half Korean and has lived here her whole life.
You know how you think it is so normal until you see an outside perspective.

But the end all be all was when Dave and I went to Thailand last May.
We were on a midnight flight on a Sunday night, so you got there in the morning.
So, let's just say that every couple that got married that weekend was there.
I seriously have never seen anything like this.  
We walked on the plane and the entire plane was couples with matching outfits.
A big plane.  The ones with three rows across.
I always wait until last to board so I don't have to stand and wait in line forever,
and then sit on the plane longer (I'm a princess like that. ha).

So when we walked on the plane, it was full.  It was like a "Sadie Hawkins" dance
from my high school days all taking a trip to Thailand together.  
Do you know what that is?  A girl ask guy dance that is western themed.  
 The girl buys matching shirts for both of them to wear.  Is that just a So. Cal. thing?
But this went way beyond Sadie Hawkins. 

Everyone had different themes and styles.  I wish I could have taken pictures of each
couple.  (be the dance photographer. ha).
They were all so fun and clever.  Some were so amazingly elaborate.
Hats, shoes, socks, sweatshirts, whatever....all matching.
With everything from sport team themes to Ralph Lauren linen looks that
weren't perfectly matching, but color coordinated.  You could see
each girls personality in their ensembles.  Because you know it isn't the 
guy who planned this all out. ha.  Although, you never know with Korea.
The men are really into looks and dress here.  A little too feminine for my taste at times.

I wanted so bad to take a picture when we walked on the plane, but it was full like
I said and everyone was staring at us.
I had to content myself with the few I took of some of the last couples boarding.
I just pretended I was playing with the ISO on my camera. ha.
There was one other older Caucasian couple already seated 
on the plane as we got on. 
When we walked by them I said, "Oh, you didn't get the memo either?"
(in reference to the matching outfits).
They laughed and knew exactly what I meant.

so here are just a few.

Dave and I swore that next trip we would get some outlandish matching outfit.
We laughed for a long time thinking of different ideas.
Any ideas?????  We need them quick.  You know why?  Remember how I said that
I was going to work on getting back to Thailand? smile.
Well, I am a good worker. 

My sister flys in tomorrow night and then we all leave Friday night for Thailand.
We are going to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket.
We are super excited. We like to give reasons why we need to travel (smile)
  So our excuse for this trip is.......
 Jacob's last hurrah with our family!  His graduation party trip!
Good idea right?  
I would be sad if he were really leaving right away for school. But it
is like I qualified for bonus time on a video game-extended play time!
and I couldn't be happier.
I get my Jakie for one more year.  Both of my boys will be home.
Oh so cozy, and in Italy.  I just don't think it can get any better than that.
I say that a lot don't I?  What can I say? I truly love and value every day of my life.
My sister asked me today if I am excited for the trip.  I replied that I hadn't 
even thought of it yet because I just live for the excitement of the next day.
Every day there is so much to look forward to.
So much enjoyment to be had.
Don't waste a day.

This was especially driven home to me this past month.
Our friend, husband to wonderful woman, and dad to three of the greatest 
kids that are best friends with my kids, went in on a Monday April 2nd to the ER 
with stomach pains.
Dave had to read his CT scan where he found that there were masses
all over his body.  From the time he was in the ER he wasn't coherent.
He was immediately transferred to the hospital where things got worse.
Hemorrhaging in the brain before they even had a firm diagnosis.
We were helping out with the kids while his wife had to be at the 
hospital 24/7 to care for him.  You have to do that in Korean hospitals.
They miraculously were able to get him stable enough to medevac
him to the states to be closer to family.
I just found out that he passed away today, only three weeks later.
Never having even known he had cancer, or being able to say goodbye to his beautiful family.
My heart is aching for them.  He just turned 35 last week.

I didn't mean to write all that. I wasn't planning on it.
It just weighs so heavy on my heart.
So I repeat, enjoy every single day, every moment of this life with the ones you love.
Every day is so very precious.  Such a gift.

I know that this life isn't the end.  I know that. and that gives me great comfort and peace.
But it doesn't stop you from wondering why now, and grieving such a loss.
Only that can you receive from God and the Holy Ghost, and it takes time.
I've prayed a lot this month for just that for them.


cbo said...

Pictures please of your matchy-matchy outfits!
Have a great trip with your sisters and your family. We just did our 'last spring break' trip...
No college for Jacob this year?
I am sorry to hear about your friends.

kelly said...

that makes me laugh really hard. how weird

heather said...

jacob is signed up for college on base at aviano through the university of maryland. and he plans to work as well and save for his mission.

ABlack said...

Jaime Varley's Dad and step mom were just here last week from Italy. They live in Florence and she is Italian. They made the most delicious dinner for us and it was so fun to listen to them. =) It made me think of you and how jealous I am that you are moving there! Have so much fun in Thailand and I am so sorry to hear about your friend. So sad.

GRodenberg said...

Oh my, I laughed so hard abt the matching outfits! Not about your friend, I'm so sad for his family. I hope they are ok. xoxox

yipeng said...

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