Tuesday, January 18, 2011

lark rise to candleford: is my one weakness

Kelly, your birthday is in a week, and this is what you should ask for above anything else. I sat and watched it with a smile of pure delight on my face the whole time. At the time I thought it was a mini series. When I learned that it was only season one of at least four seasons I almost cried for joy.

You may be thinking, "why doesn't my dear sister just buy me this for my birthday?
Your answer is another gift is already on it's way, and do not open until
January 25th!

For all my dear friends......

It is also available on netflix, and perhaps the library. But even if it isn't your birthday this week, I am sure you deserve it. right?

P.S. You will understand the post title after you have watched it.


kelly said...

ooooooo, i can't wait!

Anonymous said...

i am going to check this out.... if i don't like it, you owe me...:) jk

Dahlene said...

Wow! I've never heard of it, but it looks just like something I'd like. I'll check it out on Netflix for sure! Thanks!