Thursday, January 27, 2011

blog cleanse day 6: vintage kicks

kelly found these at the thrift store when we were in Utah last spring. She brought them to me and said that I could have them for Ammon if I saved them for her little boy (He's comin kell). I wanted to show you how he is rockin these vintage or "fresh" (as jacob says) kicks.
(look at his little fat legs, love em)

you know what he is saying right here (ball, ball, ball, ball, ball).

Love them! Thanks Kell for sharing!


Teri said...

Madi had some pink ones..They were so cute..but so hard to get on her chubby feet!!! Jacob looks huge!!! like 10 feet tall!! and little Ammon is super cute!

GRodenberg said...

mike and i are both saying, :ball, ball, ball" in jacob's King of the Forest low and cute. Does he sound like Jake used to? We're in San Fran airport, coming home after a 2 day business trip in San Luis! I went to Los Osos etc. Fun!

K. said...

These pictures are amazing, and little sweet <3

nicole boice said...

i'm gonna have to use those also.