Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 2 of the blog cleanse: Shabu Shabu

So here is the gang gathered for Shabu Shabu. This was the coolest restaurant and yummy food. I can't wait to take dave back. It was like a big log cabin inside and nestled on the side of a hill with woods all around. It was fun, but it will be prettier when it isn't winter and is more green. What is Shabu Shabu you ask?.........

Kim will show you how it is done. You have a boiling pot of broth over the stove. Ours is divided in two. One side is spicy, one not. They bring you plates of meat, and veggies to put in and cook. I loved combining the cooked meat with the rice wrapped in lettuce (bottom left hand corner) and then dip it in one of the yummy sauces.

That is the fun thing about Korean food. There are always tons of little dishes with all kinds of treats. Some good, some not so good. It's an adventure for the palate.

this is tashina trying the octopus. She
decided not so good.
up close for your viewing pleasure.

So there you have it. Shabu Shabu is a mystery to you no longer.

Why don't you have an adventure of your own, and try to find it where you live.
Let me know how it goes!!!

Although, I must say this will probably cost way more in the states. Here it was a mere $10 for really all you could eat. Love that!

Talk to you tomorrow!
I go into seoul tomorrow for their branch conference, last week was Daegu. fun fun.


Amie said...

So cool that all these opportunities come so cheap! :)

GRodenberg said...

so many fun experiences! You are never going to want to come back to the states! i loved shabu shabu in japan, and mike will make it for me on Mother's Day! yummy! i wonder how the korean flavors are different.

Mark "The Mater Cleanse"Jenkins said...

Makes me grab one but not too long. I'm on my way to finish my lemonade diet, its giving me a hard time but worth it. Live freely and more energetic.