Saturday, January 29, 2011

blog cleanse day 7: blossoming

"I'm Elle Woods, and this is bruiser woods."

My sisters always say that Rebecca looks like Reese Witherspoon.

I don't think she looks like Reese Witherspoon, but that she just has that kind of beauty that comes naturally without effort. And even more beautiful because she isn't aware of it.

This is a picture of her at the park by our house right after we moved here. There are always all the agimas (older women) at the park hanging out together with their little dogs.

Since we have arrived here my sweet little miss mary (as we affectionately call her) has really come into her own. Watching her has been like watching a little pink rose bud blossom and bloom and realize all of is potential and beauty. How fun is that for a mother?!
All of a sudden she isn't a little girl, and is starting junior high. the first of many firsts.

Like playing soccer for the first time. Her coach said she was a natural. Something we are starting to hear a lot. Rebecca is just naturally graceful at everything she does. She is just so pretty to watch. More importantly she absolutely loves it! With each thing she tries she finds more joy and gains more confidence. Go Mary!

I have to put this in. She is coming up on James her friend from church (his first year too!)
and she gets around him. (she wasn't always so lucky. smile)

Of course, we are always all cheering for her and telling her what to do, or to be more aggressive. Of course, she has to stop and respond to us, and argue with us. The funniest is in her first swim meet. She was so busy looking around at the other swimmers she was losing the lead. Her coach yelled at her to stop watching them and just swim. She stops at the end of the lane and asks her coach what she is saying. She is so funny like that. She has to know what everyone is saying and doing all the time. SO NOSEY.
that's our girl.
and I am so very proud of her.
she also started playing the clarinet at school. I wish she loved it, because it comes naturally to her. Ammon loves to hear her play.
And, it made starting piano this month a breeze and she lovessssss piano. I really couldn't be a happier mom right now. I have a piano in my home and all four of my girls taking lessons and they all are loving playing. Could this really hold up? I pray it will. Literally.

on your mark,
get set,
Today Dave and I went to Rebecca's last swim meet at Seoul International School. Another first for her, swimming. She just learned all the strokes and again, her coach just can't get over how naturally it comes to her. She is the fastest on the team in most of the strokes. I realize that it would be very different in a very competitive area, and she definitely doesn't win every time she swims, but they have her competing in the hardest level already and she has only been swimming a few months. I love to watch her swim. She just is so pretty to watch, and her form is perfect. Wait until you guys see her butterfly this summer. So cool! We all meet at the pool and Rebecca teaches us. She wants to be a swim teacher now. She absolutely loves swimming, and has the muscles to prove it now. When I saw this picture above, I told her that grandma reneer would have loved this pictures (like i do). Her little muscley arms, legs and buns. I'm so jealous.

she looks like she has a shark fin because of all her hair. ha ha.

Her daddy is proud of her too. Dave had the proudest look on his face as he watched Rebecca swim. So cute.
(he is behind a glass window watching, hence the glare).

I am making her do the next two sports volleyball and basketball. She is all nervous because she hasn't ever played these two either. I explained that she had never done swimming or soccer and she loves them now. You never know until you try. And this is the perfect time to try, and then she will be ready for high school sports if she likes them. This really has been one of the best things about coming to Korea. The opportunity to participate in everything! It has been so fun for all of the kids.

WE LOVe you REBECCA Mary!!!! Now if you could just control that temper of yours. (i kid, i love you). Have you guys seen tangled? It is our favorite movie right now. I love the villain, her mom. I quote her to the girls all the time. ha ha. My dad always called me an angel with horns. What can I say?


Amie said...

She really is growing up! (She's starting to look so much like Rachel) And what a talented girl, so well-rounded. You should be very proud!

Anonymous said...

che bella ragazza!!!

Anonymous said...

My goodness, we don't recognize Rebecca Mary anymore. She has changed so much and looks like a young woman. In fact, everyone is growing up so fast. We sure do miss you guys.
Grandpa and Grandma Kathi
Riley and Wesley are really in growth spurts right now too!
We are shrinking.

GRodenberg said...

she looks so much like jacob, and is so athletic like him-awesome! Go volleyball! I hope she likes it. Darling darling girl. And the 411 on anger....Kennedy uses it to her advantage in sports. It's like they need that extreme passion to focus on competing. It pays off in volleyball anyway! Go Mary!