Monday, January 24, 2011

blog cleanse day 3: I am a new woman!!!

the scriptures have changed my life recently (everyday food by martha as well, but i've mentioned that before). Remember my new year's resolutions? Scripture and prayer were the first on the list. I decided that I was not going to miss one day this year of reading the scriptures (specifically the book of mormon). I started out just thinking I will read two pages, and I will do it first thing, before anything else and combine it of course with prayer and pondering. T say I have been blown away by the results, would be an understatement.

Why as humans are we so easy to forget what we already know! At least I am.

I feel the embodiment of wisdom and order! I know you are shaking your heads, thinking it can't be true, and you are kinda right. You see my wisdom and order isn't necessarily others wisdom and order, but for me it is nothing short of miraculous.

I am not only doing all of my goals, but I have without thinking picked up some other things that I have struggled with all my life, Like a budget. Yes, I have struggled to even have the desire to live by a budget, let alone the discipline. I mean, I did, but it was last on the list. And you know how often the item last on the list gets done. I realize it has only been three weeks (because I know you are laughing, and thinking how long will this last), but it isn't the time that I am talking about. It is where my heart it, where my mind is at. I have this new found strength, and I know who it is coming from.

Also, I have struggled forever to not lose it with my kids. To control my tongue. I have read every book, tried every program, every mind trick. I would wake with resolve every day, only to failure again and again. So frustrating and disheartening. I have begged for help, and forgiveness over and over, but still no change.

Case in point. That wasn't even on my goal list. Just doing "the basics" first. The basics or the "small and simple things" that Heavenly Father has told us to do. And because I have, all of the sudden, I have an increased ability to overcome my weaknesses. Of course, Heavenly Father has also shown me a few more that I need to work on. That's ok. I'll take it!

The scriptures have truly become delicious to me, and I can't get enough. Today, I got in the mail the second season of "Lark Rise to Candelford." I was so excited. I told myself it I do all of my chores fast, I can watch an episode before the kids get home. When the time came and my house was so clean and tidy, just how i like it, and ammon in bed for a nap. I wanted to read my scriptures instead. I was even surprised. I read a couple of juicy chapters, and cuddled up for a short nap.

So if you are struggling with something, and you have tried everything, and nothing works. You can't seem to find the courage,strength, discipline, humility, or whatever holds you back, take a looksie at this promise by Ezra Taft Benson (a prophet)

"There is a power in the Book of Mormon which will begin to flow into your lives the minute you begin a serious study of the book."

So I ask you again, what power are you seeking?
Because I am ready to make myself a super hero costume, in all humility of course (ha ha). Most likely it will resemble my current one. That of pajamas. and now I leave you with....

To eternity and beyondddddd!!!
(get it. ha ha.)


Stacy said...

I needed this today. I love reading your blog.
Thank you.

ernie said...

Very... Nicee... Blog.. I really appreciate it... Thanks..:-)

Anonymous said...

you're so good!!!! i sent you a letter today.
ciao ciao!!!

Courtney said...

This is just what I needed to here. You are always so encouraging even if you aren't trying. Miss you guys!

cbo said...

Another great post! I too am trying to do better with doing first things first!
The youth in our stake were all given a BoM and a red pencil with the instructions to mark all the references, prophecies etc about Christ. Tandy and I also decided that we wanted to do this and It has been fabulous for me to read this way!

Sam said...

Hey Heather!

I so needed to read this. I think we all struggle at one time or another with the basics. I have been trying to make this a daily habit for myself this year. I love reading your blogs.

By the way.. not sure if you remember me but I was one of your Beehives in the class you taught in Tahoe right before you got married...long time ago eh? Samantha Davis... (now DeVore)

Anonymous said...

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