Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ogden family

Guess what? Grandma and Grandpa are going on a mission! They leave this July to be mission presidents. That means that they are like the mom and dad to all of the missionaries in a certain mission somewhere in the world. Have you found out which one yet? Very exciting! Since they will be gone for three years, they of course needed to have family pictures. I was happy to oblige. Aren't they a beautiful family?

You could definitely feel the love.
With their six children.

And all their grandbabies. You really just can't hug grandbabies enough. Getting them all to look forward at the same time is another matter!Luckily, I had some help! smile.

We just barely pulled it off. smile.

Beautiful women.

Thanks for humoring me with this one. I told you it would turn out so cool! I love it! I wish I had one of these with my three sisters and mom!Of course, the men got a kick out of it.

and some wanted in on the action!

The girls wanted their turn to be like their moms.

The boys were more in to this. Look, he is shouting my name. ha ha.

We can't leave out the babies!

Grandpa was so cute with all of his grandchildren. So affectionate and loving. It warmed my heart.

I like the story this tells.

I was loving all of these arches. Very cool.

and we can't leave out Brianne. Here are a couple more edited. You are FAbulous, darling.
Thanks Ogdens, and good luck on your mission!


brianne said...

Heather, those look amazing! Thank you so much! (My mom is stunning, isn't she?)

Anyway, it was a pleasure to meet you!

John and Jacy said...

You were everything we hoped for and more. These pictures were so important to us and you really rocked them!!! You have amazing talent! Thanks again.

Judy said...

Thanks, Heather. It was so fun working with you. The first family photo session that was actually a pleasant experience. And we love the results!

GRodenberg said...

I LOVE #5 and the Charlie's Angels shot. Are they the hottest family or what? So cute.