Friday, February 6, 2009

Times that I never want to forget.

When I am older and all my kids are grown and gone this is what I want to remember. Our nights gathered around the dinner table talking and laughing together. This is the best part of the day. Can you tell I made my family's favorite dinner? There isn't anything left on their plates. We had an authentic Italian dinner. Farfalle pasta with ham and a white sauce, green beans (in Italy it would be a salad and bread) and than topped off with "little cuties". Yum.

I love the feeling of these moments. So very warm, happy, cozy, and comfortable. Another thing that I don't want to forget is how my girls are always wearing a towel on their head after their bath. It is such a satisfying feeling to prepare a nice meal for your family and than see them truly enjoy it. Look at my little Lizzie all clean and yummy. She was so hungry and just gobbled up her food so fast. It gave me such mommy pleasure to watch her.

Is there any more?

Next is getting out supplies to do homework. Look at how tall my baby is? sniff sniff.I love this sweet face.

and her toothless smile.
I love being a mom.


cbo said...

Post the recipe! I am always in need of a good recipe.

OneHappyfamily said...

I love that your hubby gets a big cozy chair to sit in at dinner. My hubby complains at least twice a week about how uncomfortable the dining chairs are. He still makes it to the dinner table 7 nights a week though... Smile!

Kendra said...

So cute! I can't beleive how old Jacob is starting to look! He's such a young man.

Anonymous said...

i love the look on dave's face in the first photo...everyone is growing up!

GRodenberg said...

what, no teeth? Brady will bring you cute cookies on Valentine's Day!