Friday, February 13, 2009

Why am I so slow? I'll tell you why.

I swear Brooke, I have been working every single day on your pictures! Apparently, I am really slow. But, I will tell you now, the longer you wait the more pictures you get. I take over a thousand, and I just can't cut out a good one. My other problem is I get constantly interrupted. You would think because my kids are in school all day that I would have all this time on my hands. Oh, contraire . There are always appts. and issues that arise. This morning I found out that my daughter had been sexually harassed at school. It is quite the story, and I spent quite a bit of time at the school today. The day before, another daughter was being bullied. Just by a bratty 9 year old, but it left one devastated little Leah. There is seriously something every day, and usually multiple things. I am so so thankful that I am able to be home. When Leah's teacher called she said, "Oh, I am so glad you are home!" So am I, so am I. I was able to rush right over and wrap my arms around that sweet little thing, and tell her that she is the most awesome little girl ever. I brought her home and we made popcorn and watched a movie together (I was on the computer editing though. ha) Rachel this morning ran all around helping me with the morning issues, like dropping off lunch money for Jacob, buying drinks for Leah's valentines day party at school and dropping them off. It was during this time where I was able to finally discuss things in detail with Rachel. She said that she wasn't liking her math class, and had been making little comments. As we talked about it, more and more came out. I can't even write on the blog what this kid did. So crazy. Anyway, I am just glad that it came out and could be resolved. My advice for the day......You have to ask your kids questions. In depth questions, and keep asking them. Even if they are really talkative like mine, you still have to make the time to get them alone and really listen. That can be hard when you are always running around from thing to thing. But each kid needs individual time. You will learn so much about their life, their world, that they live in every day that you had no idea about. They are up against so much at school, it is insane. So, that is my advice to you and to me. I forget often.

Tonight was Jacob's last basketball game and they won. Hallelujah. It's been a rough year for them. They almost win every game. Hard on the morale. So, it was nice to end with a big win. We went back for the varsity game and it was really exciting. The game, and the fans. We actually had a coach (from the other team) and two parents get kicked out. I couldn't believe the things they were screaming. How are our kids supposed to learn sportsmanship and self control when their parents can't. Although, it was exciting and quite entertaining. ha ha. One of our players was even escorted out by the police at the end of the game. I guess to protect him.

At the Varsity game, I sat next to a young girl that I remembered seeing since the end of the freshmen game. She came with her brother who plays on varsity, and was there all night. Her brother looks like Seaweed from the movie Hairspray. He is so cute and is (in my opinion) their best player. She was sitting alone, so I talked to her all night. I was so sad that his parents couldn't be there for his last game and see how incredible he played. Again, I am so thankful. I could have to be working every night. I am so thankful.

What are you thankful for today?

Oh, yeah, about the picture above....Don't you love the expression on Brooke's face? Love is such a beautiful thing.


Kendra said...

Heather, that story gives me sick feeling in my stomach. Poor Rachel. I'm afraid I would not have the self control to not inflict some serious bodily harm on anyone who violated my child in any way.

You are so right about talking to your kids, and making individual time for each of them.

You're an amazing mom, and a true friend. I love you!

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry your daughter went through that aweful experience at school...It sounds like you have had your hands full.. What great advice you have give on your blog... I am in no rush to get the pics back but i will tell you what i am thankful for today. I am thankful for a photographer who perfectly captured our day! I LOVE THIS PICTURE!! I don't even need to see anymore.... Thank you thank you thank you!