Thursday, February 19, 2009

My courageous & wonderful girls.

By having the courage to be yourself, you put something
wonderful in the
world that was not there before.
-Edwin Elliot

LOve this quote. Love these girls. What a gift to be raising these strong and beautiful little women. These are girls that will make a difference in the world with their caring, compassion, intelligence, and virtue. They have already made a big difference in mine.
P.S. This picture was taken on Valentine's day last Saturday in downtown phoenix. That morning I gave each of my girls a rose with a poem attached. In the poem (that Dave wrote for me real quick that morning, since I do everything last second) it explained how I wanted to spend this day of love watching a love story with them. Of course it was written more poetically. smile. I have been wanting to take the girls to see a professional ballet for awhile. I just happened to check it out lately online and found that the ballet "Romeo and Juliet" was being performed on Valentine's day. How perfect is that. The girls were enthralled, and loved it. I struggled a little with the men's tights, kinda gross. Not quite as masculine as I would want. Where is Edward when you need him. ha ha. Twilight the ballet.....that would be interesting. ha. Anyway, it was an enriching experience, the ballet, and the downtown scene when we got out of the ballet. I didn't even know that it was the NBA all star weekend. It was pretty obvious, pretty quick. I have never seen so many tricked out cars cruising around with a their heavy base going. The girls favorite was a bubble gum pink Cadillac. It would have been fun to stay and people watch and take pictures, but I had hungry and tired girls. That's when it becomes not fun, real fast. When I get hungry, I get grumpy real quick. Guess what? I passed that gene on. 5 bratty girls on Valentines day needing Dave to take care of us. And where was he???????? Stay tuned for my next post and you'll find out! I know, you can hardly wait. ha ha.


Anonymous said...

what happened to your babies????

kelly said...

for real, they look so old

GRodenberg said...

I vote for Twilight the ballet!

Anonymous said...

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