Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In the mail.

I am really excited about my new packaging and business card. Wouldn't you love to get this in the mail? I found these bags at target and they match my business logo perfect. My business card is attached. They are plastic and on the back are three pictures and my information.

This particular package is in the mail for Brooke. I included a couple of fun surprises along with your images. Enjoy.

Look what I found on my desk today. I think I have a husband that loves me. smile.


Nancy Mitchell Photography said...

love the bags! so did you buy every one of them off of the shelf? should i look for some at our target here in ohio? enjoy your cookies. i can't wait to get ours!

Teri said...

those are the same cookies I bought!!! $24 worth...yikes, but they are so yummy!!! the bags look great :)

Anonymous said...

Any chance we'll be getting one of these bags in the mail soon?
The Simerville's

GRodenberg said...

OK< DYING over your cards and packaging!!!! good job oh my artistic sister. I am so proud.