Friday, February 27, 2009

Heaven on earth

What I will be doing tomorrow as dave is busy learning at his radiology conference. Than he will take me out to dinner at my favorite restaurant in the whole world. It is an authentic Italian restaurant by south beach in Miami. Everything is homemade that day. The pasta, the breads, the sauces, the desserts. It truly is incredible. We first went here a few years ago, when we came for a different radiology conference. Dave and I haven't been able to stop thinking about the food there ever since. So when Dave asked me where he should find a conference ( since it's a free vacation for us), I knew just where I wanted to go. Dave was happy to oblige.

We convinced (it wasn't hard) my sister and her husband to meet us there. I plan to lay on the beach all day, and go to Spiga every night. Well, maybe not every night, but close. Be back next week. CI VEDIAMO!

So cozy and romantic, and everyone there speaks Italian. Love it!


Amie said...

have a great time. =)

Kendra said...

Jealous. *sigh*

Have an awesome time with dave and your sister!

Anonymous said...

there went your 15 lbs. weight loss!!! could you mail me a doggy bag????
which sister is coming? have fun!
ciao ciao!

Christy said...

Sounds dreamy! Can't wait to see pics!