Monday, January 30, 2012

technology can be pretty awesome. totally.

Jacob reading the scriptures last night with his girlfriend Alex
using face time and the ipad. How cool is that?

Alex has been going to seminary
(class before school in the morning. they are studying the old testament this year).
and church for a while.
She makes us realize all over again how
wonderfully life changing
having a knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and
It brings a peace, joy, and contentment to your life
that is better than any amount of wealth, beauty,
or even chocolate (smile).

Jacob is even more excited now to serve a
He sits next to the missionaries when they are meeting
with Alex and pretends he is one of them with a
happy little glow on his face.

We die laughing too because the missionaries are american
and not used to speaking english to teach the gospel.
The one elder apologized before starting that he speaks very
proper Korean, but teenager english.
Let's just say we are always teasing him saying,
"awesome, totally, sweet, fer sure"
He is so dang cute.

I'm off. Going with friends to the flower market, and costco.
SWEET! (fer sure)

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GRodenberg said...

like mother like son....high school missionary!