Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Flower Market

Words cannot describe the joy I felt in my heart being at this place. I felt like I was in the garden of Eden, and I never wanted to leave.
I really wanted to share it all with you. I just wish you could smell it as well. Or maybe scratch and sniff pictures. ha ha. I think that last comment could be the makings of a good blond joke. (no offense to all my sisters. ha ha).

one of each please. Seriously, I wanted to buy the whole place.

be still my soul. I wanted to mix the purple ones with the greenery and add a big flowery white flower. alas, I never went back to get them. There was just too much and I was just too overwhelmed.

my constant companion. He is so much happier when we are out and about.

hydrangeas, one of my absolute favorites.
After going all through the cut flowers warehouse, we went over to the greenhouse. I walked in (and my camera lens fogged) and I almost started to cry I was so happy. These are probably my favorite type of flower. I have one right next to my bed. A purple one of course.

i wanted this one above. But where would I put it?

love love love.

Can I just tell you how much I love these women.The beautiful woman with the yellow scarf is Jihyun, that I am always talking about. She is our fearless leader, and the one that plans all of these outings and trips everywhere. She is absolutely amazing. She grew up in Korea, but went to college at BYU. She actually first met her American husband before she left for BYU while he was serving a mission in Korea. Her husband is our district president and teaches at the high school. They live right by us. Dave actually sent me a video of her talking to me before I moved here. She really wanted me to move right by her and wanted to show how her neighborhood was the best. I believed her, and knew from the video we would be wonderful friends. We made sure we moved close and I love her more each day. She is such a blessing to all who come in contact with her. You think, how does she have enough time to do all this for me? and then you find out that she does that much for everyone! She is amazing. She plans at least one fun outing a week. Plus every holiday she plans a trip somewhere and everyone is invited. We have a big one coming up over Thanksgiving down to Namhe in the south on the coast. Like 10 families are going, including my new neighbors. She makes all of the travel arrangements, and just lets us know what to pay her. Can you believe that? I think I have done more in Korea already, than most do their whole time here.
Now, I just need to start posting all of my adventures. It's hard to keep up.

Well, on with the pictures. smile.
I almost bought this too, but Ammon would have a little too much fun I think with all of the stuff in the pot.
What am I saying?? I almost bought everything. I showed great restraint. Until the end that is.

there were all of these miniature arrangements in these hand made pots that I was dying over.
I just couldn't get over the beauty of this one.

All the bulbs.
Ammon is so happy when he shops with his favorite buddies Ava and Jacob.
They were starting to put out the Christmas decorations. Did you know that about 40% of Koreans are Christian?
OK, this is where I lost it and started feeling anxiety, I was so overcome. So many amazing vases, bowls, platters, containers for displaying, I couldn't stand it. I will show you in another post what I bought, when it is properly displayed in my house. smile.

ribbons anyone? Wrapping paper galore as well.
then there was the pottery.
Hunger finally won over, and we needed to get back before school was out. We stopped at a rest area that was along the big highway. These places are amazing. Definitely not like the rest stops between Phoenix and LA. These are so cool, and have hot amazing food for cheap, and are so clean and cool.
You can order with a person at a central location or on a ticket machine that then prints out what number you are and where to pick it up. It is such a cool system. Like buying a train ticket.
This is how water is served. It is free and they always have in every restaurant these little silver metal cups.
This was my favorite korean meal so far. It reminded me of vietnamese pho. It is a type of soup bulgogi. Divine.

Are you hungry yet?
I am!

Ammon's little girlfriend Lanaya. They love each other. He never uses a pacifier, but he loves hers. On sunday in church I look at him and he has her pink pacifier in, and had given her his blue one, which he has never used before. What a nut!
There was a 7-11 inside too. I got a bunch of fun different Korean drinks to bring home for everyone to try. But really, I took this picture because I liked these two guys eating, and seeing the steam coming up from their bowls of ramen.
I just had to take this picture on the way home of this tiny little truck on the huge highway. It was going slower along the side.

I love Korea.

Off for another adventure tomorrow morning. We are going overnight with another family. Of course Jihyun arranged everything for us, even though she couldn't go.

I love Koreans.


Courtney said...

You make everything look like so much fun! What a neat store:)

Teri said...

wow that is amazing!! I can see how you could get overwhelmed...simply beautiful though!!!!

GRodenberg said...

awesome! you called ammon "jacob" once. twinners? oh how i'd love to shop for my house there... a curse on small quincy!

Amie said...

Sooo amazing!

Christine said...

All those flowers make me want to get married again so I can order flower arrangments, lol! And now I need to go home and make bulgogi right away, yummy stuff. So glad you are having such a great time :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the photos. i feel like i've been there now! heather, you are so beautiful!!!! you are one hot mama of SIX!!!! now i know why you love living abroad. korea looks awesome! you did get hooked up with the right friend. she sounds like a lot of fun! have a fun weekend!!!
ciao ciao!!!!

Sherry said...

A friend of mine came across your blog and showed it to me... we are a military family and considering PCSing to Korea. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and taking away some of the "unknown".

Dahlene said...

Wow! You are having some amazing adventures! I LOVE all the flowers. I'd want to take them all home too. I can hardly wait to see what you got. Arrange it soon and post pictures. I am starting to love Korea too!!

heather said...

you should definitely come sherry!