Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Topdong ice skating.

The knudsens and us filled up our two 9 passenger vans with kids and headed down to the super ghetto topdong ice rink in suwon. We usually go to a new nice place, but we found out it was closed right before we were leaving. It was great! It added to the experience.

yeah, these skates have seen a few years. They kill your feet, but it's worth it to feel like you earned your hot chocolate.

So, you have to love korea where you have to wear helmets for EVERYTHING! It doesn't even seem weird or embarrassing to us now. We think we look pretty cool. ha ha. You also have
to wear gloves. We kept getting stopped by the ice police for infractions on all the rules.
rebellious americans. smile.
(hey, wait a minute. The ice police isn't wearing a helmet!)

james, rachel and libby.
(and someone else with an ungloved hand!! gasp.)
I don't know how, but a korean picks out Leah wherever we go and asks her to be their friend. She is the only one too that would love to hang out and hold hands with some girl she doesn't know who barely speaks english. Cracks us up. Way to go Leah!
caroline with rachel.

at every ice rink we go to there are the cutest little girls in the
middle figure skating amazingly. They are so tiny and adorable.
It makes you want to take up figure skating, until you get out there
yourself that is, and it is extremely awkward, uncomfortable, and painful just trying
to go a couple of times around the rink without falling. ha.
Also they have all these little boys decked out with speed skates on practicing. so cute.
i take picture of korean little kids wherever i go.
I love them. they are so precious.
and always dressed so stylish.

rebecca and jacob.leah trying to do nacho. ha.
Lizzieabbie.break time.
time to get a drink.
everyone surrounding the hot chocolate vending machine.
One of our favorite things in korea. You can get a cup of
hot chocolate for 30 cents out of a vending machine.
since it is so cheap, we have 10 each. ha ha.
(c'mon, they are small).

loving jonas' fogged up glasses from his steaming hot chocolate.

love all the rosy cheeks.

and happy faces.
and lizzie looking like a coal miner.

ahhh topdong memories. smile.


Anonymous said...

Did you and Dave skate? A Couples only song???xoxo

heather said...

he had to work. so sad.

GRodenberg said...

Who is the topdong?