Monday, January 2, 2012

December 23-26th.

This isn't the greatest picture, but you have to see my shoes! I finally found an opportunity to wear them. I bought them in Seattle at nordstrom's rack the night before we flew out for korea. Is that the most ridiculous and impractical thing to buy knowing I had to add it to our already 40 pieces of luggage. I had to, it was love at first sight. So they finally made their debut at the medical group christmas party on Friday dec. 23rd. I'll have you know that my dress i got at a garage sale here for $20. It had never been worn. Just call me second hand rose. (name that movie!)
That night it started snowing!!! So perfect. We woke up to a white wonderland on Christmas Eve day. Perfect!
So cozy inside.
The girls made chocolate dipped pretzels.
and sugar cookies.
Lizzie was especially proud of this one where she spelled ives.
the kids were put to work making these to pass out.
(thanks for the idea natalie. People thought we were so clever. i gave you credit. smile)
but then the kids pooped out, and no one would help me with the 16 more
that we needed to make.
i turn around and there is dave meticulously gluing on googily eyes and pom pom noses.
He is my knight in shining armor. Radiologist by day, rootbeer reindeer maker by night.
love him.
That night we opened up our christmas eve gifts of pajamas of course, and headed over to the food court to meet up with the other branch families for dinner.
You can read about the story behind the tradition on my last year's christmas post.
after we were out until midnight caroling and delivering gifts. It was so fun. The kids fell into bed with no complaint, while dave and I stayed up until the wee hours preparing for the next day. All of his work came over for Christmas dinner on sunday. That was what they requested, being that they are all here without family. Dave did most of the cooking. He was amazing.
They really appreciated it.

Christmas morning before church we opened presents. Here I am So happy cozied up with my quilt that Rebecca made for me and
pillow that Rachel made for me. It made me cry, I was so surprised and happy.
Leah beyond excited with the camera that she received.
Rachel and Jacob scored Ipod touches and have been face timing each other ever since.
Little ami.
modeling new clothes and boots.
Mary with her justin bieber perfume.
Dave and the coat he received from ammon. ammon is quite the gift giver. smile.
Since Christmas was on sunday and we had company, Monday was when
we all stayed in jammies and enjoyed our gifts with family and friends.

Here is dave in heaven with his puzzle and yummy breakfast.

then on to a nap in his new track suit. He was so excited to get this.
(remember how he has been so jealous of ammon's. ha ha)
also reading his new bathroom reader book.
I always pick these up for him at the thrift store, he loves them. ha.
the girls dancing with wii dance party 3. It is really fun!
we love it!

Leah and lizzie with neighbor girls lined up all of their monster high dolls.
then picked and chose to play.
Do you remember doing that.
My favorite when i was little.

Ammon with his pooh bears and his new angry bird stuffed animal kickin it on the couch.
Jacob picking his toes. ha ha j/k, he is doing face time with his cousins.
We skyped with my family and it was so fun!
I have never really done that and it was just like we were there with them. so cool.
Leah having fun with her new camera.
she got these sweet photos.

hee hee. love it.

So that's all i got.


merathon said...

my in-laws gave us the idea to make those root beer reindeer and they are always such a hit! we always write a note that says "we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy root beer!" (every time we move somewhere new, we use them as gifts again and it's like it's a brand new idea!)

GRodenberg said...

Funny Girl

Anonymous said...

what????? rachel made you a quilt? and it was a surprise? and it is adorable!!!! i need to know the details about that one. jacob should be a sweater model and i think that leah is going to have her mother's photography skills and no fair that r.m. eats cheesecake 24/7 is still twiggy and i think that lizzy has a future in song writing and davey is crafty? who knew! LOVE your red shoes and you look so pretty and ammon is. as always. troppo carino! great talking to you last night. xoxoxox

Stephensens Rock said...

I love the posts about your IBC Root Beer and Dave "the Root Beer Reindeer Maker" finishing up. Super sweet. Love all of the pictures. Love the one of Leah opening her gift :) Sure wish we were still there!!