Tuesday, March 8, 2011

lizzie the artist/hot dog vendor

Lizzie (or Elizabeth), is quite the artist. I truly think she has a gift. I'm not just being a mom. I want to frame everything she brings home from school. She took an art class at the base and the teacher told me she was good too. Ok, the lady could also have an ulterior motive, but still.

With Leah, my little poet, I find poems laying around that explain her mood or feelings. I will have to show you a couple I found lately in another post. With Lizzie I find drawings like the one above. I had just busted her for screaming and sent her to my room for a time out.
I love this one too. So bright and cheery.
I think it was inspired by these flowers on my mantle.
I don't know what kind of flower this is but it makes me happy.

PS. i wrote hot dog vendor because if you recall the post a while back, lizzie told me that is what she aspired to be in New york city. She has now graduated to wanting to sell pizza in paris as she works on her art. These artists, they are so fickle.


neta said...

the flowers are called Freesia/
Love your blog!!

Magdalena said...

Yes, i just wanted to say the same - these are freesias ;)
love them, they smell so good, very popular here in Poland (often as a wedding flowers in white)...Regards, Magda

Natalie said...

you have friends named neta and magdalena?! both such beautiful names!

now, did you dust before you took the pic of your mantle? or is your house just that clean?

i would pay for a copy of that first pic of lizzies art. i'm serious. i love it so much.

miss you!

heather said...

Nat, that first picture is her self portrait, and i know it is awesome. I was looking at art galleries and thought...Lizzie could do these! The cutest is when we were brainstorming as a family how to make/save more money to get out of debt, Lizzie came to dave and i privately and said, "I could sell my art work." It was precious.

GRodenberg said...

is that vase from insadong? love it

nicole boice said...

my favorite line, "these artists, they are so fickle". hahaha. as an artist myself, i know how that can be. smile. i really do want some of her artwork. tell her i'll commission her to do some family portraits of tyler, dottie, and myself. also tell leah, i would love to hear some poetry. i love love that you support your children's artisitic dreams. and i want to know if you dusted also. and i agree with glor, the vase is awesome. oh yeah, and i feel like i haven't commented in a while.... but i have to say, i looooove how much you are blogging and each one makes me happy.

Sonishka said...

freesias are so lovely.. it s a spring flower and grows around Womens' Day at home.

Thumbs up for you being so supportive of your kids and their activities, it is really great. I wish my mother did it too ...

Anonymous said...

wow! you have followers from all over the world. i told you your blog was awesome! leah's poem is actually quite impressive. just the title alone resonates simple but profound truths. watch out emily dickinson! of course, lizzie's artwork is also impressive. i love that you had a book club and that you decorated your home with tidbits from it. also loved how you were great to rachael's friends!

Natalie said...

did those flowers smell just amazing?? they're freesia. my dad's favorite. ;) love them!

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