Wednesday, March 23, 2011

4 & 9 market today!

The Songbuk open market is right by my old house (frown). But to us locals (smile) it is
called the "4 & 9" because it is on every day that ends in a 4 or 9. Every 5 days basically.
And let me tell you it is awesome. There is the main market area, but it stretches forever down little side streets, you just keep winding from street to street. One end of it starts by my house, I have never made it to the other end. I think it has many strands that end in various places.

After Dave had surgery he was home for 10 days. I got him one day out of the house to go with me to the market. He didn't last very long, but I am quick now. I know just where I want to go. Let me show you around a bit. (Some of these pictures are from a while back, and some from when I went with dave).
We always meet new friends at the market.

( I am so excited! I just noticed that ammon has on matching socks! That never happens.)

the jeans that are hanging in the background are very popular for kids. As you can see this little boy is wearing them. They are pricey though.
I would much rather shop here. Besides the fresh produce, this is the special place that keeps us coming back as often as possible. For those of you who don't like to dig for a deal, you are out of luck. This is the mecca of digging for a deal. There are just piles and piles of clothes and everything is only 2,000 won, which is about $1.75. Some items aren't great, but you can find amazing stuff too. Rebecca has been especially successful. (will post finds later).

See the lady in the pink sweatsuit. Look at her visor. They wear these huge visors that cover their whole face. It is so funny, put very practical i guess. why bother with sunglasses?

(tashina in the corner there.)
Yes, they eat sting rays. Is that legal?

seaweed anyone?

i haven't tried one of these yet.
I don't' think I will ever be trying any of these little goodies. yikes.
across the street and into the main market.

the ready make deli section. ha ha
kimchi is the smell of most koreans, a spicy garlicky smell.
They say Americans smell like milk products.

Dave getting a treat. A waffle filled with cream and honey.

I didn't get a picture of the other popular street food. It is like a cinnamon sugar filled pancake/pastry. It's pretty greasy, but yummy on a cold day.

I prefer these cooked sweet potatoes. They are perfectly cooked, perfectly sweet,
and perfectly delicious!

I will take one bowl full please!

My other new favorite. These eggs. They are a bargain, and delicious.
Loaded up and ready to go home.
Look at my haul.
and delicious!

More please!!!

These are what ammon was begging for.
They are the best strawberries you will ever eat.
Like the ones in Japan Glor, but cheap! I think it was
$3.50 for a huge container like this.
At the commissary it is $5 for a small basket.

PS. you know, i really can't believe i live here when i look at these pics. That this is my life that I am seeing. It still doesn't seem real. It is so cool.

PPS. I was wrong that we are getting evacuees here from Japan. Nothing is for sure, and it would just be an outprocessing point. Our SOFA status with korea would not allow more than that.

PPPS.-It was so nice out today! I walked around with a light jacket on and then out of the blue it snowed all afternoon and evening. It was so beautiful.


Emily said...

Heather, that looks so fun! I just need to figure out how to manage with 4 kids in tow, and then I'm there!

ali said...

I think I missed something, why did you move again?

Teri said...

wow..what an adventure!1 so awesome for you and your family to be able to live it!!
ps..if you do come visit this summer..I will have to insist you do some family pics for us:) the last ones I am 6 months pregnant...need an update!! you find any fun fabric there???

Dahlene said...

That's amazing! It's like you are in a dream world~so different from ours. The strawberries look delish! I'm glad you didn't get any of those fish looking things. Eeeewww!