Thursday, March 17, 2011

I am in shock.

I am in shock. This kind of tragedy is so beyond being able to take in. And it has hit so very close to where we live. I can't stop thinking about it, reading what is going on, or looking at the images. I have friends in the military in Japan and they give us more details and insight to the relief efforts. Dave says, "I think your talk (for the women's conference should be about the earthquake." (Because I am spending so much time thinking about it instead of doing my talk). I am just heart broken for these people. I want to mourn with them. I plan to donate to the cause through the humanitarian aide fund, and I definitely will be praying for them, but what more can I do?

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this man's comment on a news website sums up what I really think we can do.


I live in Fukushima Prefecture about 100km from the coast. We don't know what the next news update will bring. There is no gas for cars so in the event of evacuation, I'm not sure what would happen. There is a feeling of dread hanging like a pall over everyone. But we keep going. And every time I see some friends, hug my family, drink a glass of water, I am so much more thankful than I was 6 days ago. If you are wondering what you can do right now, here is one idea: don't take anything for granted. Appreciate what you have. Taste that water. Hug your family. Let stupid little things go.

this is exactly the conclusion I had come to. I have been telling my kids that all week. we are so blessed. There truly is not a day that goes by without a sincere prayer to my heavenly father for our health, a home, food, and that we are all home safely together at the end of the day. These are our greatest blessings every day. Family is everything.

I also ask myself, "Am I prepared if something like this were to happen?" Maybe I should read that disaster plan that the district president sent me. Yes, I am being funny, but it isn't funny. I really did just blow it off and not want to read through it!

But really, I truly believe that the best way to be prepared is to have a clear understanding of God's plan of happiness, or plan of salvation. It brings peace in good times, and hope, strength, and comfort through the difficult times, no matter what they are. I don't look at death as a bad thing, I am excited to return to Heavenly Father. That is home. I am currently just here on earth on vacation, ummm I mean at school.

So, I will keep praying for my brothers and sisters in Japan, and I have an idea for a fundraiser to do next week. But mostly, I am going to Troy's idea above. To love every minute with my family, enjoy what I have, don't take it for granted, and also to reach out to others here that I am able to reach out and love and serve.

P.S. thousands of people are being evacuated to our base and nearby bases. All of the base and school gyms etc. will be used. I am thankful we will be able to help.

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