Saturday, March 21, 2009

who says things don't get wild in utah county!

They do if my family lives there. Front and center is my sister in law Julie. She has her own belly dancing troupe. She is amazing! She also teaches classes. This was the finale of their recital. It was very entertaining, especially the beginners classes, bless their hearts.
The picture below is of my niece Alex doing a scarf dance. She has William's syndrome, which is a chromosomal disorder like Downs syndrome. She is incredibly gifted at dance. I guess, that is what happens when you have Julie for a mom.

afterwards, we go to Kneaders. Another restaurant in Utah that I never miss going to. Get there before 10am for breakfast and you can have all you can eat french toast with their day old specialty bread with whipped cream, strawberries and a special homemade cinnamon syrup. It is so good you can't believe it!!!!
i like how they put chairs on the wall for decorations (see above right).
oh, and make sure you don't leave your camera sitting on the table where grant can get a hold of it, or you get pictures like thisabove. ha ha.
PS things have been a little crazy around here, we bought a new house that was in foreclosure, but needs a lot of work, I started teaching seminary this week. Tuesday, I picked up my grandma from the airport to stay with us for 3 weeks. She is one of my favorite people on earth, and we are trying to get her to live with us permanently. Wednesday morning I took a pregnancy test and it was positive, wed. afternoon I entered the hospital, in total pain ,that came on very suddenly. I spent three days there passing a kidney stone. Yes, it was worse than child birth. But with child birth, you can't have all the morphine you want! SMILE! That is why I didn't call you on your birthday kenny! sorry. I just got home last night and I'm trying to regroup and recover. It's been a crazy week I'd say.


Natalie said...'re pregnant? I called yesterday to see if you guys needed dinner. Rachel assured me that you were "totally fine!"

I'll call you later on to see what day i can bring food or do laundry or take kidlets for play time.

Get better and (congratulations?!!!!!)!

Lindsay said...

Congrats! Is the house that you bought in a different ward?

ali said...

You completely scared me, I thought you were going to say you had another miscarriage.


And BTW, you'll never hear me say that Utah county isn't wild ;)

ABlack said...

Oh so that is why Lizzie told me yesterday that she had a secret and couldn't tell me. =) Congratulations that is very exciting! I hope you are feeling better, kidney stones sound horrible.

Syndi said...

OMG Heather...hope all is well..congrats...take care of yourself and say hello to Grandma :)

Amie said...

Umm, hello, who didn't tell the visiting teachers??

Do you need anything?

musikmama said...

Congrats Heather. That's awesome!!

GRodenberg said...

So what's up with noone telling me I could have morphine when I was pg? I can't believe that happened! call me

Christy said...

That is wonderful and horrible all at once!

YaY for the pregnancy!!! So happy for you!!!!

Boo for the kidney stones! Get well soon.

heather said...

if you saw how I was screaming, sobbing, and dramatically rolling all over the place, you would understand why they gave me morphine. I was a sight to behold.

Melanie said...

I can believe that you have a belly dancing sister. I can commiserate on the pain of a kidney stone. I had one at 20 and told them at the hospital if this was anything like childbirth that they could go ahead and take out my uterus.
Speaking of uteri - congratulations!!! Yea. I hope all goes well. You sound crazy busy! Be careful.

Kendra said...

So, just like that. "I took a pregnancy test and it was positive?" CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I'm so sorry about the kidney stone! I too called to see if your family needed anything and was told everything was fine. I applaud them for their independance, but we need to work on the accepting help bit. "Oh, she's fine. She's all drugged up on morphine, and oh yeah, she's pregnant, but she'll be home soon and all will be back to normal!" HA HA!

What about this new house thing? You'd better not be moving out of the ward missy! An explanation is in order!

Love you! Gald you're home from the hospital.


Natalie said...

That's a lot of info in one tiny paragraph! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so excited for you! Good luck with the new house too! Hope you're better soon! Kidney stones are NOTHING I'd ever want to experience!

Jenn said...


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