Sunday, March 15, 2009

kelly's style

I love my sister kelly's style of simplicity although different from my own. She loves white walls (did we come from the same family?) with splashes of bright color. I love all of her little displays around the house. Here is a peek.

she loves to sew.

she has an amazing etsy shop. She had hanging things she needed to mail, as well as a scrapbook page she had recently made. I love her simplicity even in scrapbooking. My favorite style.

But this latest edition took the cake. In Mormon culture the phrase "return with honor" is widely used. Whether it be to explain returning with honor from a mission, or returning to our Heavenly Father after this life is over. Only Grant (kelly's husband) would come up with this idea and actually make it for Kelly for her birthday. You won't see that in every house in Utah county! ha ha. I love it. I know you all want one now. I sure Grant could fulfill your order. ha. Maybe Kelly should sell them in her etsy shop.
More on our spring break trip to Utah and Rexburg, Idaho later. I have to get up REAL early tomorrow...and the next day.....and the next day......etc. etc. Guess who was asked to teach early morning seminary for the rest of the school year? I am really excited. Not only because I love these 9th graders, and i love teaching the gospel (we are studying the new testament this year). I am always wanting to follow the wise counsel of "early to bed, early to rise." Hoping that I will be "healthy, wealthy, and wise." smile. Well, when it is up to my own undisciplined self, it just never happens. But when it is to do something that God wants me to do, I somehow muster the strength. So, the only times in my life I have ever gotten up early, are when I went to seminary in high school, and on my mission. I hope I can rack up some more health, wealth, and wisdom in these last 8 weeks of school. ha.

Kelly did a post on our trip up to RExburg and there is a link to her etsy shop on her blog here.


kelly said...

this makes me real happy

Patti said...

Favorite job EVER teaching Seminary. One month in I was hooked. I did it for four years. Enjoy!

musikmama said...

How can I order a sign like that? My sister SERIOUSLY needs one of those. joanna