Monday, March 23, 2009

my angel of a grandma.

(my grandma and rachel watching a movie at kelly's in Utah last summer. Rachel was named after my grandma. Her middle name is Margaret, which is my Grandma's first name. Notice her red toe nails. We had gone and gotten pedicures that day. smile.)

It is 10:16pm and I am eating my leftovers from my delicious mexican feast for lunch today at macayos. My Grandma and I are so naughty. She is worse than me about going out to eat. It is so fun though, to eat something yummy and talk and talk.

How cool to have my Grandma (who is 88) all to myself. I have never met someone like her. She is the least judgemental person I have ever met. She enjoys absolutely everyone. It is impossible to not feel comfortable around her and accepted no matter who you are. When you talk to her she always has a kindness in her eyes and a constant chuckle that we all adore in our family. Grandma's laugh is all the goodness, warmth, and comfort in life wrapped up into one sound.

She is proof that there is truth to the term, "young at heart." I remember visiting her one time and we were both laying in bed together reading our books and talking. I was lamenting that I couldn't believe that I was already 26! I still felt 18 inside. Her reply was, "How do you think I feel? I still feel 21!"

I love how she loves children. Many elderly people are done with kids and are irritated by them (which I understand). She loves to be in the midst of kids and just laughs and laughs at every little thing they say and do. One of my favorite memories of her when I was little was being at her house and watching cartoons with her like bugs bunny. She just laughed and laughed when she watched them. I just couldn't believe even than, that an older person could enjoy cartoons like that.

I have always equated her with unconditional love and comfort. Being at her house was like being wrapped up in a warm blanket. We always looked forward to going to her (and grandpa's) house on Sundays. They lived in a home that my grandpa designed and built up at the top of Mt. Baldy in Southern CA. It was such an awesome place. A work in progress. We had so many fun places to roam and explore. I loved playing barbies with the vintage barbies that my Grandma had saved. We really really looked forward to her cooking. I remember my dad's favorite being homemade noodles with a sauce over mashed potatoes. I loved sitting at the bar in her kitchen watching her and my mom talk and laugh as they cooked together. My mom was always happy when she was with her mom. Grandma says that they had the same sense of humor and always called each other with new funny stories to laugh about.

After a wonderful afternoon and evening at her house we would all pile into the station wagon with full bellies and happy hearts. My Grandparents would send us off with such love. It felt so good. As we drove away I would always stay awake to see all of the city lights below as we drove down the mountain. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. Than I would drift off to sleep with the pleasantest of thoughts.

I am so happy that my kids know my Grandma. That they love her like I do. They are all begging her to live with us. She has talked about assisted living, so tonight as we sat down to watch "murder she wrote" reruns (we are having a marathon), she mentioned that she needed a pillow for her chair. Jacob runs over, grabs a pillow, and plops it where she needs it and says, "There you go, assisted living, for a lot less money." I don't know who my Grandma is more in love with Dave or Jacob. She hangs on their every word and giggles like a school girl at their every joke and quip. They are just soaking it up and are using all their charms for which they are richly rewarded. Grandma was saying today at lunch that her girlfriends will just be so jealous when she tells about being so catered to by a handsome doctor. Yeah, Dave is loving it. Jacob is fighting for position as number one though, and told her he is taking her on a hot date golfing this weekend. He wants her to see him golf. My Grandma loves golf, and until recently golfed weekly.

Yep, she is finally slowing down, and we are all frantic to spend as much time with her as possible. She is so worried that she will be a burden. I tell her over and over what an honor and privilege it would be to have her with us. To be able to share even a portion of the love she has shown to me. Life is all about loving and caring for our family. I can think of nothing more important. She has been one of the sweetest best parts of my life. I want to make sure that her last years are some of her best and sweetest.


Natalie said...

i love her. and she has really pretty feet. She can live with me if she is nervous about living with you...haha

Natalie said...

i mean "she can come and live with me." Not "she could live with me because i am so great". that came out wrong.

i feel a need to clarify further but i will stop now.

Leslie said...

I love your grandma too! She is way cool and has a great laugh. Your mom had her mannerisms. I hope she decides to stay with you!

And hey, I am preggers too! This kid is due to arrive Nov. 5th so I think we're in this together! Yippee, I love to share the experience with a friend! Hope you are all better from the kidney stone and that your nausea goes away fast! If our baby is a boy, we are sending it back! ha! How's about a trade if you get a girl and I get a boy? I am sure that my dark kid would fit in just fine with your blondies and vice versa!

love you!

Kendra said...

Heather, your post made me cry. Your grandma sounds so wonderful, and I long for that feeling of love and warmth that comes from being with the people who know you better than you know yourself.

My grandma lived with us for 7 years until she passed away. That was just before Rich and I got married. I cherrish those years with my grandma, because that was when I really got to know her as a person, and not just as "grandma." I hope she decides to stay with you. I look forward to meeting her.

How are you feeling today?

Amy said...

This is a beautiful post. It makes me miss my own grandmother who died when I was 19. I hope she stays with you and that I get to meet her.

kelly said...

grandma has admitted to me before that i was her favorite :)

Berta said...

Can I 'have' your grandma? She reminds me of my dad - they must have been made out of the same mold called 'adorable'! Enjoy her - I never knew any of my grandparents - what a treasure.