Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I can't believe how long it takes for technical things to click with me! But after many months, the website is ready to go. I mean, there are always more things I need to add and change, but for the most part I am pretty happy with it, and excited to share. So go and check it out and tell me what you think! www.heatherivesphotography.com. I wanted to change my pricing so that I can help you get the pictures off of the Cd's and on your walls or in a really cool custom album. When you have your photo shoot now you will be given a little booklet with ideas for your wall and all the info you need to make it happen! OK, so I won't hang them for you, but just about. In fact, you can order pictures that are on a 3/4 inch standout mount that you don't even have to frame. Very cool and modern looking. I am really excited about this new step in my business. Scary, but exciting.

Now for the picture above.... Remember how I said I photographed a family with incredible eyes? Well, here is a sneak peek. Now that the holidays are over and the kids are back in school, it is back to work! I must admit though, that yesterday (the kids first day back in school) I stayed in my jammies and robe all day and relaxed. I watched the two movies that I got myself for Christmas, "Mansfield park" and "It's a beautiful life." I couldn't believe that I found a movie made from a Jane Austen book that I hadn't seen! It was really good too! And if you haven't seen "It's a beautiful Life" it is a must must see! It is in Italian with english subtitles, and is a serious tearjerker and so inspirational. Check it out!

Well, I have to try to motivate myself to exercise right now. Wish me luck!


kelly said...

it's awesome!!

cbo said...

Heather I am so excited for you!
The website looks great and you are so very talented.

Casey Lu said...

Heather, your website is amazing and the photos you picked to display are all priceless and beautiful! Best of luck!

ali said...

Heather, I love it! And I'm going to visit it every time I miss my Arizona friends ;)

Anonymous said...

i am going right now!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi, i am back. all i can say is...WOW!!!!!!!! it is incredible!!!!

tell dave he can quit his day job because you'll be able to make more than he can as a doctor!!!! what talent you have!!! i am so amazed with you. is it any wonder i love you so much and value our friendship so dearly??? (sorry to get so personal here) but it is true!!!! you're the cream of the crop glady!!!!
love, nancy
ps e-mail me at:
i don't have your e-mail address and i thought it might be a good way to communicate--since we don't these days...
i am going to try and find the song on your website...they're all great but i loved the girl one and i think i may have a clue of who it is. when you e-mail me tell me who it is just in case i am wrong.

Amie said...

I can't get your new site to load but I guess that's just me.

GRodenberg said...

It's so awesome and we made it in!!! woo hoo!

Stacy said...

Amie. I don't think the website likes firefox... well it didn't for me but explorer worked :o)

Erica said...

I LOVE your new website! You are so talented. I also think Mansfield Park is an underrated Jane Austin. I loved the movie, too. Happy New Year!

Erica H