Sunday, January 11, 2009

I've gone and done what I said I'd never do!

Own a DOG! REbecca has asked me every day of her life if she can have a puppy. She has begged and pleaded. It didn't even phase me. I had just in fact told her on Thursday that we will never ever ever buy a dog, so just stop asking. Well, Rebecca and I went on a bike ride on Saturday. She asked it we could stop by at the feed store near our house. It has horse and animal supplies and cowgirl supplies (which she is. smile). I said ok and we stopped at the store. As we rode up I noticed that there were a few people giving away puppies for free in the parking lot. They came in from Whitman and had two different litters. There were 12 in all. I called Rebecca over because this of course is her favorite thing in life and they were letting anyone hold them and play with them etc. (So, I guess it is my fault!) Anyway, it took about 10 seconds for Rebecca to fall in love with this sweet little thing. I must admit, I was quite smitten myself. At least as smitten as a person can be that doesn't ever want to own a dog. ha. Well, it is just one of those things. We just happened to stumble upon the right dog at the right time (and for the right price. smile). She is very calm and sweet and like a little teddy bear. She is content and happy. She never makes a peep and is as cozy as can be. Her fur is super thick and soft. SEriously! Even I like holding her, and that has never happened before. She will just let you cuddle her like a baby. I am sure that won't last for too long, but she is very calm and tolerant. She would have to be with our family. In the end, I just couldn't say no to the two faces above. I mean really could you? Isn't it crazy how they look alike. The dog has little white eyelashes that are so cute. Little touches of white like my Rebecca Mary.

The women who brought her own both the mom and dad. The dad is both chow and coyote, and the mom is an English Shepherd. She seems to have gotten her mom's temperament and her dad's cozy fur and hopefully the stomach of a coyote. Meaning they have strong stomachs. English shepherds are very friendly happy dogs that love children. I just read about them that they are medium sized dogs with big hearts and that they are such personable dogs that many owners have said that by the time they are five or six, you can carry on a decent conversation with them.

So, after I caved. I left Rebecca there and rode home and brought the rest of the family back in the car to see what they thought.
(and no that is not our dog's mom in the background. There was another litter of a German Shepherd mix.) (oh the coziness)It went well for some.

Not so well with others. (Dave could have said No to both faces easily! ha ha) He is so funny. He is still in denial. I think like the rest of my siblings they think I won't last very long with the dog and will return it within the month. ha.

I don't know.....she is pretty darn scrumptious, and hard not to love. She lets everyone hold her and play with her and is just so sweet.

Plus, she has made one little girl the happiest little girl on the planet. You have never seen someone so happy and radiant. I really don't have to do anything. The kids do everything. I also loved loved this morning just looking out the window to the backyard and Leah was out by herself with the dog laying on the grass just playing and loving on her. She was so happy. Leah is having a hard time right now. She has been driving everyone crazy. It was so wonderful to see her getting unconditional love from this little pup. Leah has been so happy and nice for two days. Something I haven't seen for months. Could it really be the dog?
So, we are happy with this new little addition to our family.

and I think she is pretty happy with us too.
What is her name you ask? It is kinda still up in the air. Want to help?
The owners called her china, because of her little china doll face.
It was Carmela for a few hours because she has that carmel color.
Rebecca thought of Joy.
The kids had a long list of names and settled for now on ...
Sophie "truly scrumptious" Ives.
Really just Sophie, but we like to sing to her the song from chitty chitty bang bang "truly scrumptious, my dear, you're truly scrumptious."
Would love to hear your ideas! So comment! Although it is hard when you don't see her personality also.


ABlack said...

That picture of Dave cracks me up. I have to say, that is how I feel about dogs. It would take one heck of a dog to get me to cave. I don't know, I guess never say never. =) She is pretty darn cute though.

Natalie said...

YOU ARE SOOOO LUCKY! I think our dog owning experience would be PHENOMENALLY different if we had a girl! She's adorable!

My advice is get a dog door installed IMMEDIATELY and a kennel. This way, you will be less likely have "surprises" left on your equally scrumptious carpet. Kennel training is relatively easy and you'll be glad you can put her in her kennel for dinner time or short trips so you don't have to worry about things getting destroyed while you're out.

OH, and dogs can never have onions, raisins, garlic or grapes. They say it's worse for them than chocolate. My dog ate an entire bag of M&Ms and is just fine.

Good luck! You'll love the extra companionship! :D

ali said...

She's a cutie! I hope for your kids' sake that you last longer than I did, we had a puppy for 2 days. And then I vehemently returned her.

But I also think that the best time to have a dog is when you are a kid, because you get all of the fun without the bill, so it's a sweet thing you are doing for your kids!

I prefer cats myself-- they don't bark.

Amy said...

She is cute but I would have been able to say no. I am not an animal person. I said yes to a dog when Jacob was little and we had her for about two years and Jeff was the one who decided to get rid of her. I will not be roped into that again, even though i am begged almost daily. Allison wants Jeff to be a canine officer "so that I will not be able to say no."

GRodenberg said...

so cute and cozy! Who am I to talk? When I was at Nicloe's, Dottie was in my bed spooning me, and I was fighting over her with Tyler! too funny, because I am NOT a dog person! Can't wait to see her. What happens is just like human babies. They are so cute when they are tiny and get you so hooked, that by the time they're big and start causing problems, you are already emotionally and financially invested and can't give them up! haha

cbo said...

ha ha! Good luck. I am glad my kids don't see your blog because they have been begging for some time now.

Anonymous said...

what????? a dog????? she is cute!!!! i like her name! you'll have to give her swimming lessons so she can swim with you this summer! :) a dog right now, would land me in the nut house. but your kids are older and more responsible. tanti auguri on your new addition! ciao!
ps thanks for calling. i have been sick and not answering my phone. i will call you soon.
ps loved all the pictures!

Casey Lu said...

Your puppy is so darling! Reminds me of a White Australian Shepard I got when I was in high school. I loved that dog dearly! He was the best behaved and was very smart and only took 2 weeks for me to train and never had a problem with him. I hope that she will be such a good behaved, loving, and laid back dog for you! The pictures of her and your kids are priceless! The one of Dave is pretty funny! Love her new name! Just darling!

pakosta said...

she's so CUTE!! we love our dog and have never looked back! my husband loves him so much and he didn't particularly want one LOL!

Jesika said...

So sweet!! Kris and I are total animal lovers! I need to come snuggle her! :o)