Saturday, January 31, 2009

Busy Today

-Jacy, I am working hard all day to get your family's pictures done, I promise! Thought I would share one. This beautiful woman is Jacy's youngest sister, and she was so camera shy. She was always trying to hide. Which was very troublesome in the group photo, young lady. It was hard to find one where you weren't hiding, and where every one's eyes were open. Very Naughty, but I will forgive you. smile. Well, her mom took me aside and asked it I would get individuals of her. Of course! Can you even believe that she would be shy or self conscious one bit?! I told you, you are gorgeous!!!!! And by the way, she is single. Pass the word on. I really like to set people up. Do you know of any righteous dudes?

-I loved the black and white so much, but I had to show the color one also, because her eyes are just such a beautiful color!
-Off to edit! Make it a beautiful Saturday!!!


Kendra said...

She is beautiful! How old is she? I have a 26-year-old returned missioary brother. He's quite handsome, and has a very successful business. He was trained by 5 older sisters, and one younger sister, so, in my opinion, he is an ideal boyfriend! He is very generous, attentive, and thoughtful. He lives in Utah, but works here too. Let me know if you want ot hook them up! hee hee!

brianne said...

Well photoshop is a beautiful thing, isn't it?

Kendra said...

Stop that right this minute! You ARE beautiful. Beauty is radiated from the inside out. Conidence is beautiful. Righteousness is beautiful. YOU are beautiful. I would KILL for those eyes, not to mention your lips, & hair. Don't short change yourself. Life is too short.



Danielle Combs said...

She's very pretty! Look at those gorgeous eyes!