Monday, January 12, 2009

doggy update.

Her name is Roxy.

She is an outside dog. and yes, I will buy an air conditioned dog house during the summer if I need to. They have those here in Arizona you know.

And she is being kennel trained from day one. Until she is goes potty only out in the rocks by the side of the house (where the pool equipment is) she will be in the kennel.

Don't worry she is out all the time playing with the kids.

In fact, she is the type that just wants to be with people and follow you around. very cute.

and a big thanks to Maegen Martineau who is now on speed dial as my personal puppy training coach.


rebecca ives said...

i love when u talk so kind about roxy. i love her soooooo much!

thanks i love u***

Christy said...

Congrats on your newest addition!

I have "Mia" who likes to crawl around and pretend she's a puppy. She isn't "house trained" yet, she scratches at my door in the morning and and we all love to cozy her and take her for walks. ;)

ali said...

roxy is such a dang cute name!