Thursday, November 17, 2011

We're so glad when daddy comes home.

After a week full of loud planes, sirens, bugle calls, explosions,
and last night so much artillery fire, I am happy to say
the latest exercise is over.
How do I know?
They played over the base wide sound system
"I'm proud to be an American"
I guess we won the war. smile.

And I am so very proud to be an American, and to be
involved with the protection of our great nation.
It is worth fighting to protect,
living to support,
and dying to save.

Today enjoy the comfort of freedom that so many amazing
men and women train and work so hard to provide for us!
God bless us to bless America and keep her safe and strong!



Stacy said...

Oh, the exercises at Osan. fun times. I am grateful for your families sacrifices for our country. My dad served 20yrs in the AF but I never had to move around. You and your family seem so happy and well and really gaining a lot from the experience. I hope you have a great holiday season. Oh, and Congrats on Italy!

Dahlene said...

Your family is amazing to support your husband while he is serving our country. I'm so glad you have the positive attitude of being privileged have such grand adventures when to me it would be a great sacrifice to be away from my family and country that I love so much. Thanks to you and all the men and women who sacrifice for our freedom.

GRodenberg said...