Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to me.

I had a fabulous 41st birthday.
Breakfast in bed from Rachel.
Singing and a gift from Lizzie, that she was so happy and excited to give me.
The expression of love on her face was the best gift.

When I was taking a shower that morning and praying (I love to pray in the shower), I thought wouldn't it be wonderful to keep this feeling of talking with Heavenly Father all day. Then I thought. Going to the temple would be the best thing to do today. So I called my friend Jihyun up, and asked her to go with me. We had a wonderful time. I was so glad I went.

Next was lunch and manicures and pedicures with Rebecca.

After school, Jacob handed me a letter of love and appreciation.
(he knows that is my favorite gift).

Next, out to an Italian dinner with Dave at a favorite Italian restaurant.

Back home for pie, ice-cream and x-factor.

Another gift from Rebecca, and nighty night.

A perfect day.

I actually planned to cook italian food all day with dave and try out my new pasta makers
with his help. But I ran out of steam and we just went out to eat.
So on Sunday Dave made pasta for the first time, but I was so exhausted I fell asleep on the
couch and woke up to this wonderful sight above.
I have the most wonderful husband, and a very tiring life apparently.
Tiring in a good way.

speaking of tired. It is almost 3am again and I am supposed to get up at 6am because I still haven't packed and we leave this morning for Bali!!!!

Do you see why I don't mind birthdays and getting older?
They just keep getting better and better, and my husband spoils me more and more.

Hopefully I will come home well rested. smile.
Can't wait to share my adventure!


Leslie said...

happy belated birthday! love you!

dee said...

Very new to this blogging stuff and am not quite sure how I even ended up on your blog, but I wanted to give credit, where credit is so deserved. I must say I was captivated by your 2011 blog & the AMAZING pictures that came along with it... so captivated that I had to continue on with all of your blogs because your life to me seems as something you read in a fairytale. Your family is so oriented and happy, it seems uncommon for me and I envy it very much so! From the looks of your posts you are nothing short of "supermom" and I want to give you a big thanks for giving me hope that someday I can have a somewhat similar life if I take the path of less righteousness. Again I thank you for your blogs, and God bless.

dee said...

oh and happy belated birthday to you <3

Dahlene said...

Lucky you! It sounds like a wonderful day you couldn't have planned any better if you'd tried.
Happy Birthday!